We. Are. Live!

I hope Bruce Buffer, announcer for the UFC, doesn’t mind me stealing one of his catch phrases!

After months of work I am proud to say Dragon Door Australia is now up and running. You can check out the new site here at: www.dragondooraustralia.com We will be selling all of Dragon Door’s products here in Australia as the official distributor down under.

Already in stock are Pavel’s main kettlebell books – Enter the Kettlebell and Return of the Kettlebell (both book and DVD for both). In addition there is his non-kettlebell books such as Beyond Bodybuilding, Power to the People and Marty Gallagher’s modern iron classic Purposefully Primitive. We are also stocking Andrea du Cane’s smash hit fat loss kettlebell workout for women Kettlebell Goddess and the brilliant Grey Cook/ Brett Jones masterpiece Kettlebells From the Ground Up, plus Master RKC Kenneth Jay’s scientifically backed Viking Warrior Conditioning.

While we don’t have all the Dragon Door products in stock yet we will be getting them soon. If there’s something you’re after just let me know and I’ll add it into the next order.

In addition we expect our first shipment of Dragon Door kettlebells to arrive just in time for Christmas! I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of the best bells in the world again! There’s something just innately better about using a bell that has the RKC stamp of approval on it. Everything about these bells is designed as Pavel intended – to be the ultimate hand-held gym. From the non-slip finish to give better grip to the rust proof coating to the size of the bell and thickness of the handle – don’t be fooled by local imitations!

Feel free to drop by the site, or to email me if there is anything you’re looking for but we don’t have yet. I can be found at andrew.read@dragondooraustralia.com


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