Merry Kettlebells!!

I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas.

I got the opportunity to have a sleep in – a rare treat for any trainer – plus play with my brother’s kids for the afternoon. There’s something magical about kids on Christmas that makes the whole thing worthwhile. And while they got piles of presents from us all I can’t help but feel that I got the best present of all…


Dragon Door Kettlebells in Australia!

200 authentic Dragon Door kettlebells

You see, on Wednesday the 23rd I received the first shipment of Dragon Door Kettlebells from overseas. It may have been 38 degrees. We may have had to haul 1500kg pallets 150m down the street to get them to our car park and we may have had to carry 4500kg of kettlebells upstairs, but it was all worth it!

We now have in stock everything from 8kg up to 44kg. In fact, we have 200 kettlebells now in stock.

Unfortunately, with every good news has to come a little bad. The bad news is that shipping hasn’t been finalised yet so customers outside of Victoria can’t get them immediately. But anyone living in Melbourne will be able to come by and pick up whatever they want.

Anyone really serious about strength and kettlebell training needs look no further than Dragon Door Australia – with kettlebells, Pavel’s books and DVDs and now with the HKC – we are the number one supplier of authentic hardtsyle products and training in Australia.

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year and I look forward to meeting you, training with you and supplying you with all your hardstyle needs for 2010.


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