News from the Trenches

I just wrote a piece on my personal blog about my work with six time BJJ world champ Robert Drysdale. Its located here: Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to train smart and focus on what is the smartest and best path forward and not blindly following a program designed by an armchair trainer.

Like my work with Sophia McDermott that I spoke of here before it’s not complex. Just me using the FMS test to figure out what he needed and allowing that to dictate that nature of his training rather than trying to figure it out based on his appearance and sport. In his case he didn’t a complex training system. What should really make people sit up and take notice is that if the bet guy in the world doesn’t need anything complex then they should realise they don’t either!

In other news, with the HKCs only a few weeks away it is time to start thinking about your preparation. We are going to be running a series of HKC preparation classes starting February 20th. I know that previously I had written some dates down, but there has been some changes so here are the new dates:

  • Feb. 20 11am.
  • March 6 11am
  • March 13 11am.

The cost for attending these classes is $240. Each class runs for 2 hours and will cover the three moves taught at the HKC in detail. Remember that the HKC is an instructor certification, not a “how to” event. Dragon Dor run these workshops on the assumption that your level of skill with the movements is already quite high and you are there to add the final polish and learn how to breakdown, correct and teach these movements. The instructor certifications are about mastery of movement, not about trying to see how many lifts you can learn in a day.

At the RKC, for instance, it takes almost the entire first day to teach the Swing. So for anyone who thinks only doing three things in a day is slow, to those of us in the know it seems a little fast. And that’s why we are limiting numbers for the HKCs – we want to make sure that we are able to cover the material in depth and give everyone plenty of attenion. With two RKCs plus a Senior teaching the course there will be a one to five ratio of staff to students – essential to ensure the high quality that Dragon Door is known for world-wide is kept.


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