Price Raise on HKC

The following is from the main Dragon Door site and written by John du Cane.

“This Friday, January 29, our website will be going live with a new price and an earlybird registration discount for the HKC workshops.

From this Friday, all HKC workshops scheduled from Saturday, March 13 on will have their tuition fee raised to $599.

There will be a $100.00 earlybird registration discount which will be programmed to expire exactly 21 days prior to the announced date of the relevant HKC workshop.

Example: the Melbourne HKC workshop being held on Saturday, March 20 will be $499 until midnight PST on Friday, February 26, after which it will go up to $599.”

For anyone interested in attending these courses now is the time to book! The discount will only last a few more weeks and spots are limited. The Saturday course is now almost full and the Sunday course is half full.

Dragon Door’s HKC (HardStyle Kettlebell Certified) Instructor Workshops- U.S. and Worlwide
Click here for Certification Course Information – Register now!


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3 Responses to “Price Raise on HKC”

  1. Vincent Says:

    By the way, why aren’t the store’s books updated? i was looking for books like convict conditioning, relax into stretch, even some older books are not even available at all

    • relentlesspt Says:

      Vincent, thanks for stopping by. We’ve just received a shipment this week of some of the new titles such as Convict Conditioning. It will take a few days to update all the information on the web page. If you’re looking for more information, or can’t wait to get your hands on some of the new books, then email me at

  2. Vincent Says:

    Ok, glad to hear that mate. Thanks a lot, really looking forward to purchasing new titles. Pavel’s books are a gem

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