Train With the Best

I haven’t yet met anyone who was interested in getting fitter, leaner or stronger who hasn’t enjoyed training with kettlebells, provided the instruction was good. Unfortunately there are many poor trainers around. Rather than take the time to go and learn from the best and soak up the knowledge they would rather do something haphazardly in the rush to make a quick buck before moving onto the next exercise fad.

And that’s where Dragon Door Australia is different. We don’t use a wide variety of toys in our training, nor do we introduce new exercises every session – we’d rather see our clients master a few things and really get a good benefit from that than from trying out a hundred different things.

In training there is a thing called SAID – Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. In short, you get good at the things you do often. If your workout changes all the time, or the equipment you use during the workout changes all the time, then you aren’t really going to benefit too much from the training. The real benefits of training come from being able to work the hell out of an exercise, really loading it up, or being able to hold your posture even during a very intense set. Not from randomly changing your session every time.

Not only that but our classes are run by the very best – only RKCs or HKCs will ever run our classes. In other words, people who have passed the highest level of scrutiny in terms of their own technique and their teaching ability. And all that means better results for you.

Now with classes running at 6am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 6pm Tuesday and Thursday there are plenty of available time slots for training. We also limit our classes – we would prefer that every student has textbook form and can train safely, without risk of injury, rather than cramming people in trying to make more money.

Have a look at what others have had to say about training with Andrew Read, the head instructor at Dragon Door Australia.

Classes are held at 555 Victoria Street, Abbotsford. For more information either contact Andrew at or on 0412 658 434.

Remember, to get in the best shape of your life you need the help of the best trainers around. Nothing competes with the RKC system for kettlebells and our trainers are at the top of their field in Australia.


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