What you need to do to pass the HKC

If you’re a trainer successfully completing a Dragon Door course will put you miles ahead of your competition. Full stop. The skills and techniques learnt at the HKC will open your eyes to so many new training ideas that your clients’ progress will skyrocket. People take note of those things and sooner or later you’ll have a whole new group of people wanting your services as a  trainer.

But, the standard is high. We don’t let just anyone into our club. The HKC is not a beginner kettlebell seminar like the locally offered courses. It is a one day instructor certification modelled on the world famous Russian Kettlebell Certification, the gold standard for kettlebell instruction world wide. In other words, there is an assumption that you already have the skills down to a high level of proficiency before attending the course.

Once there we will teach you how to break those skills down, troubleshoot your clients’ technical flaws and instantly correct them with a tool box of fail safe drills. No local course can do that.

But what if you want to come but your knowledge of kettlebells is limited? Given the timing I can say that you have a few options. The first, is to buy Pavel’s bible of kettlebell training Enter the Kettlebell. There is a reason this book is cited as THE reference source for kettlebell training – because its jam packed with 100% awesomeness!

Here’s the scoop – Pavel is the guy who made kettlebells popular in the West. He’s a world renowned strength and conditioning guru. The majority of kettlebell courses all proclaim to teach “Hardstyle”. Hardstyle is Pavel’s creation based on his extreme knowledge of force production, power training and physical culture.

So why go somewhere else when you can learn from the source? Enter the Kettlebell is the number one kettlebell instruction book in the world written by the market creator. I can’t even count the number of times I have read my own copy in getting ready for the RKC and then in further refining my technique.

If it has a drawback, it is that some people learn better with moving images, such as from a DVD. If that is the case then the Enter the Kettlebell DVD is a good idea.

Personally I find the combination of the two to be the best. Originally I bought the DVD, but sensed there was something missing from the explanations. Once I bought the book I found a wealth of extra information and program design. The programs contained inside ETK form the basis of everything you need to become strong enough to pass the RKC while the technical tips are what will allow you to quickly learn correct form for the HKC in just a few weeks.

Another option is to attend our HKC preparation class which starts this weekend. Taught by Pavel’s top instructor in Australia, at the HQ for all things Dragon Door in Australia, this is the best way to get ready for the HKC. The cost is $240 for 6 hours of instruction aimed solely at making sure you pass the HKC. This weekend starts at 11am, and the other two days are March 6 and 13. For more information call Andrew Read on 0412 658 434.


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