Melbourne Kettlebell Workshops With Senior RKC

Not only does next weekend mark the first time that a Dragon Door certified instructor course will be held in Australia it will now also be the first time that a Senior RKC will be passing on his knowledge in two workshops the next day!

On March 21st we will now be running two workshops covering the clean and press and snatch. Here’s what you get:

  • Instantly “lighten” heavy weights with little known, dramatic, high tension techniques.
  • Discover the little known breath technique which dramatically boosts power and endurance.
  • Eliminate “power leakages” in your muscles to greatly improve your strength.
  • How to get the most out of your press – without putting strain on your shoulders.
  • Amplify your lifting power with martial arts “rooting” techniques.
  • Understand the crucial value of “slow strength” training.
  • A killer combination one-two for the gym or the ring.
  • Learn the RKC fool proof method for snatch mastery.
  • The snatch is a three stage rocket – how to finesse the stages.
  • How to avoid bruising the forearm while snatching.
  • See why the snatch rules for elite conditioning and how to become a man among men.

 For those attending the HKC these workshops will be priced at just $60 per workshop while for anyone else interested they will be at $100. Just like the HKC these events will be limited to 15 people each and will be on a first in basis. The combination of the HKC and these seminars means for the first time in Australia all the skills needed to pass the RKC will have been taught fully!

 Don’t delay now – reserve your spot so you can boost your training by learning from the original Beast Tamer Shaun Cairns!

(NB. We opened these workshops up yesterday and already there are only 10 spots left for the clean and press and 11 for the snatch. If you’re keen to attend, don’t delay!)

Go here to read what others had to say about Senior RKC Shaun Cairns.


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