Beginner Workshops

With the recent success of the HKC I have been asked by many people when I plan on running beginner workshops for those not interested in becoming instructors but just keen to better use kettlebells and train safely. Well, the wait is over!!

I am pleased to say that I am actually going to be running these workshops in two cities – Melbourne and Brisbane.

Here’s the deal:

I will be running two workshops on Sunday 11 April. These will be run from Dragon
Door Australia at 555 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Session 1 will run from 9am-12.30pm and teach the swing, get up and squat – the
centres of athletic movement and effective kettlebell training. Cost is $200 per

Session 2 will run from 1.30pm-4pm and will teach the clean and press and the
snatch. But… You have to have attended the first workshop to come to the second.
Why? Because frankly most people can’t swing well enough to be able to safely clean
and snatch so I need to know that you’re not a hazard to my insurance before you
come along. Cost will also be $200 per person.

The following weekend, April 17, I will be in Brisbane being hosted by Tim Uljarevic of the Krav Maga Training Academy. I will be running the same two workshops there for the eye gougers and groin pokers of KMTA. However, they are also open to anyone in the area who wants to come along and learn from the best about how to safely and effectively add kettlebells into their own training. If you’re interested I’d be quick – the last time I ran these workshops they sold out in a day!

Anyone interested can email me through the site – and I can take payment over the phone. Don’t miss out, this is a great opportunity to learn from the best in the country how to maximise your training time with kettlebells.


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