Participant Praise for the First Ever Aussie HKC

Dragon Door’s HKC workshops are sweeping the world – the States, the UK, Germany, Korea, South Africa, Denmark and Australia to!

How good was the first ever Australian HKC?

Here’s participant praise from the first ever Dragon Door instructor certification held in Australia, March 2010

Bob Kane, Federal Police, Brisbane

Top notch training due to an excellent teaching system that pays attention to detail and has very knowledgeable instructors. I liked how each individual technique was broken down to enhance teaching and understanding. The level of instruction for the day was excellent with good knowledge and teaching styles and the instructors were all very approachable.

Shannon Scullin, Personal Trainer, Melbourne

If you thought you knew how to lift kettlebells you soon realised that you knew very little! Training a partner was a highlight of the course as it made you focus on explaining the drills the way you were taught and helps to pinpoint imbalances in other attendees and rectify them.

Tamara Burchall, Personal Trainer, Melbourne

All the instructors were great – very helpful. It was great to finally learn correct technique and how to break exercises down and teach them safely and effectively. The instructors were fantastic! Very thorough yet kept it interesting.

Ben Cook, Personal Trainer, Melbourne

Anyone who is thinking about learning how to use kettlebells needs to do this course. Do it! It was very technical and well taught while being fun at the same time. The HKC course gives you many tools for every possible problem you could face with a client. Teaching a partner was very helpful – it makes you focus on your own technique plus how to teach correctly.

Overall the course was far more professional and well taught then anything I have attended. They made sure you knew how to do everything and why.

Maurice Burrows, Fitness Enthusiast, Sydney

The HKC was an enlightening experience, although I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface! Shaun Cairns was a wealth of knowledge and made the entire course a highlight. The materials are head and shoulders above everything else. The course was well scoped and taught extremely well.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Heath Bowman, Personal Trainer, Adelaide

I was impressed with the course was taught and run. The step by step teaching of each of the three drills was very effective. There was enough instruction given to allow you to practice each drill without overloading you with information while at the same time the instructors were able to convey the same message in different ways so that everyone was able to get it.

The trainers were all very knowledgeable and effective placing this course far above other kettlebell workshops I’ve attended. Its a shame this course is limited to a single day as we now know there is a lot of depth to “just” three exercises.

Matt van der Lugt, Fitness Enthusiast, Canberra

This course was an eye opener to hardstyle training. Very enjoyable with outstanding instruction. The atmosphere was great – Shaun was outstanding; humorous although always to the point. The instruction was very clear and all the exercises and remedial movements were very relevant.

The HKC is more in-depth and detailed in regard to technique than anything I’ve seen in my five decades of training.

Eric Eralp, Co-owner Kettlebell Athletica, Melbourne

The HKC was a great experience – very informative with great attention to detail. Today’s training was the highest quality in all aspects – easily superior to anything on offer elsewhere. The attention to detail and professionalism of the instructors made the course top quality.

Thanks heaps, keep up the good work.

Yaron Mehr, RKC hopeful, Melbourne

This course was an eye opener! Lots of information passed on with great, very knowledgeable instructors who were open and easy to approach. The course is as good as I’ve ever come across.

Being given the opportunity to teach a partner immediately after each drill reinforces that lesson and gives you immediate feedback on your efforts.

Albert Owens, Personal trainer, Melbourne

I can’t pick any one outstanding thing from the day – it was all great! So much information passed on, all well presented and explained.

I can’t wait till there’s a local RKC!

Tim Uljarevic, Krav Maga instructor, Owner of KMTA, Brisbane

The HKC was a great, short intense course with lots of very valuable information. I’d definitely recommend it for all seeking to professionally teach others how to use kettlebells.  I loved the complete breakdown of every technique which aided understanding as well as making everything easy to follow.

I really enjoyed it! I will certainly be putting my krav maga students through kettlebell exercises from now on!

Simon Andrewartha, Fitness enthusiast, Melbourne

Great attention to detail. I learnt more at this course than at any of the other kettlebell workshops I have attended.

The depth of detail on the swing and the explanation of the get up are the best I have seen . Learning how to teach the techniques, as well as being taught correctly in the first place, are strong points of the course.

The course is much more interesting, has much more technique and offers a great combination of strength, cardio and mobility than anything around.


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