Brisbane Workshops

Hardstyle is coming to Brisbane!

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was planning to come to Brisbane to run two Hardstyle workshops. Courtesy of the crazy folks at the Krav Maga Training Academy I’ll be running these workshops on April 17.

The first workshop will focus on the lifts for the HKC – Swing, Get Up and Goblet Squat. We’ve had a lot of questions asking if there is going to be another HKC this year and I can say that there is going to be two more. Brisbane will be the location of the next one so if you are keen to attend the HKC and live nearby you should make it a point to attend. At the Melbourne HKC 5 of the 6 people who passed had trained with an RKC to dial in their technique. I don’t know about you but when 85% of the people who pass a course have all received their training from a single source I’d take that fairly seriously. So now is your first chance to get the right instruction from the start and give you plenty of time to practice before the course gets run.

The timing of the day will be as follows –

9am – 12pm Basic Workshop featuring swing, get up and goblet squat. Cost is $200 pp.

1pm-4pm Clean, Press and Snatch workshop. But, you must have attended the first workshop to attend. Why? Because the swing is the centre of the clean and the snatch and until you have the swing dialled in there is no way you should be learning the other two lifts. Cost is also $200 pp.

Location will be at the Brisbane KMTA centre at 344 Queen st. Brisbane City.

Bookings are essential as kettlebells need to be shipped up in advance and we need to make sure there are enough for everyone. No confirmed booking, no entry on the day.

Kettlebells will also be sold at 10% off at the workshops. This is an awesome opportunity to pick up kettlebells without having to pay the shipping fees! Again, orders need to be confirmed prior to the date so bells can be shipped up to be picked up. But you’ll need to be quick because the bells need to be shipped before Saturday obviously.

For any enquiries email me at


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