Road Trip!

On Monday I will be off to the US again. About a year ago I was there for the RKC. This time it will be the Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist course. The things that makes this course so good is that not only does it have elements of Pavel Tsatsouline’s amazing RKC system but it also combines the best of the movement system devised by world renowned therapist Grey Cook. Quite simply, he is to corrective training what Pavel is to strength training. To have the opportunity to participate and learn from events such as this is why I became an RKC in the first place – there simply is no substitute. Forget local providers who have spent a few minutes watching things on You Tube or DVDs – this is learning directly from the world leading source.

The course starts next Thursday and runs four four days. Again, try to find a local course that can offer so much depth, so much detail and so much knowledge. This is why Dragon Door are the world leaders in what they do. Detail, knowledge, experience and passion.

While I’m there I have an appointment scheduled with Senior RKC, CK FMS and Z health guru, Brad Nelson. I met Brad last year when he took me through some Z drills and was thoroughly impressed. He’s a super professional guy, very easy to get along with and has a wealth of knowledge and it’ll be great to catch up with him again. This time we’re going to work on some things I need to sort out for my next trip to the US in July for RKCII.

But before then…

On June 19 I will be back in Brisbane to run the next in a series of workshops prior to our Brisbane HKC. I will be running two workshops – the first will be the three basic lifts of Swing, Get Up and Goblet Squat. It will run for three hours and be $200. This workshop was well attended last time I was here (see this post here) and covers the safe use of these three essential drills for kettlebell use, athletic performance and power and strength training. The second workshop will be an HKC preparation class. At the Melbourne HKC we had 12 attendees and 6 who passed. Out of those 6, 4 had attended my preparation class. Since the HKC I have helped another 2 people pass their restests. The short version is that if you plan to attend the HKC and plan to pass then it is in your best interest to attend these preparation classes. The preparation class will be run in two parts – the first on June 19, the second part on July 31st. The reaon it is held in two parts, and why it is so important to attend is simple – there is a world of difference between being shown how to perform Swings and being proficient enough, and having a deep enough understanding of the movement to be able to teach it safely (another massive difference between the RKC school and local courses – we expect perfection from our instructors). These preparation classes break down the movements and you will be given corrective drills to make sure your movement is crisp and flawless. Additionally we will cover teaching cues as well as spend time gaining the necessary fitness to undergo the HKC day.

The cost for the preparation classes is $300 to attend both days.

On top of all that, I will be returning to the US early July to attend RKCII. Currently the RKCII course has about a 35% pass rate. At the course last year it had an 80% fail rate, and earlier this year had roughly a 50% pass rate. Combined this gives about a 35% pass rate. In short – if you are RKCII then you are something very special. I have been working my butt off getting ready for this course (I will be making a post about my training for the course on my personal blog at when appropriate). Suffice to say that there is a reason why there are no RKCII’s in Australia right now – the training necessary is mind bending.

And of course all this is for one thing – to benefit you. The better I am the more I can help you to achieve your goals, train better and even help you to decide what direction to take with your training. While these trips aren’t cheap, to me, they are worth every cent to help you and all my other customers who train directly with me. Right now, at Dragon Door Australia we have the only facility in Australia where you can train with an RKC and two HKCs. Soon, I hope it will be an RKCII/ CK FMS and two RKCs.

Not to mention that later this year in August we are again hosting an HKC in Brisbane at KMTA which will again be hosted by Senior RKC Shaun Cairns. His last trip here was an astounding success – the HKC was amazing and his follow up workshops on the next day were well attended and very popular (with the press workshop seeing every single attendee set a PR in the press!)

Don’t delay!
Dragon Door’s HKC (HardStyle Kettlebell Certified) Instructor Workshops- U.S. and Worlwide
Click here for Certification Course Information – Register now!

I’ll be posting updates on my meetings with Seniors and the brilliance of the course over the next few days so stay tuned!


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