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Why Buy Dragon Door Kettlebells

June 29, 2010

I made a short video today about why you’d choose to buy one type, or brand, of kettlebell over another.


Military Grade Kettlebells

June 27, 2010
As I’m sure many of you are aware, Dragon Door has long been offering the world’s highest grade kettlebells for some time. With a 5 year guarantee against chips, rust, etc. they set the standard for kettlebells worldwide with their patented e-coating (the same type of magnetised industrial strength coating used on ship hulls.)
But now they’ve gone one better.
They are now producing Military Grade Kettlebells. The difference between their old style and the new ones is evident when you hold the two side by side. While there is nothing wrong the old ones, the new ones look like they will survive a nuclear blast! The drawback to this new type of kettlebell is that it will be slightly more expensive – about 10% more than current prices. These kettlebells have become the new RKC standard and Dragon Door is no longer producing the older bells. As always they have sought a way to continue improving their products so that you can have the best training experience possible.
I had an opportunity to check out the new bells and train with them when I was at the Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist course last month – they are worth the extra few dollars in my opinion. The finish is better, allowing you to train longer and harder without hurting your hands or needing buckets of chalk.
Right now I have about 50 kettlebells left in stock from the old style, with my new ones arriving in the next few weeks. Once the new ones land the prices will be going up 10%. So take advantage of the current low prices and order now. I have stock in all sizes up to 44kg.
As a further incentive to you, if you order a pair of kettlebells the same weight (e.g. 2 x 24kg or 2 x 12kg, etc.) you will save 10%. If you order three or more kettlebells, of any sizes, you will save 15%! For these special orders you will need to email your location and desired bells so I can calculate shipping. Leave your contact phone number in the email so I can call to finalise payment with you.
Act now before the prices go up.

Burn Baby, Burn

June 21, 2010

Have you ever wanted a six-pack for summer?

How about being able to fit into “that” pair of skinny jeans again?

Close your eyes right now and imagine the way you want to look – lean, fit, strong and sexy. Imagine yourself on New Year’s this year with the body you’ve always dreamed of having.

Well, wait no more. Dragon Door Australia is about to start an all new program, never seen before in Australia.

Learn how to eat to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

Perform workouts designed to melt fat from your body, sculpt lean muscle and make you feel young again.

See why Rolling Stone magazine named the kettlebell the “Hot weight of the year”.

This program will run for 16 weeks and I can personally guarantee that it will help you transform your body from fat to fit! We will be starting August 2, 2010. The program will run for 16 weeks Рfinishing late November. Imagine losing 10kg in that time!

But, this program isn’t for everyone. It is only for those who are 100% serious about getting in the best shape of their lives. We will not be accepting everyone who wants to participate. This isn’t like your suburban gym where you can just mindlessly turn up, plod along on the treadmill and wonder why you never seem to change shape. This is real training, for those who are committed and serious about changing their lives for good.

Don’t miss your chance. For more information contact

The Iron Icon Speaks

June 17, 2010

Anyone who reads a lot of Pavel’s work, particularly his early books like Power to the People and Beyond Bodybuilding as well as his newer, more in depth book on strength and power training Power to the People Professional will have heard of Marty Gallagher.

Marty is an icon in the iron game. He has competed at World Championship level in Power Lifting and helped coached many others to the same level including such greats as Kirk Karwoski. As well he has spent a great deal of time around the bodybuilding scene as he was Editor for Flex for some years. In short, the guy knows his way around the gym. In Pavel’s own words “When Marty speaks, I listen”. When you get a testimonial like that from a guy like Pavel you know that the person in question is a master in their field.

His new blog post is straight to the point about an issue that is slowly killing our society – the increase of oestrogen compounds in our food, the over eating of processed foods and the lack of movement in today’s society have all contributed and Marty takes aim and fires at them all. You can read about it here:

Marty’s book The Purposeful Primitive is an excellent source of all of Marty’s wisdom and experience in the iron game from how to train like a champion, how to eat, the mental aspect of performance as well as anecdotes from a life in the trenches of strength training. Shaun Cairns, Senior RKC called this book “One of the best books on strength training he has ever read” and I have to agree with him. I have read my copy cover to cover and find that along with Enter the Kettlebell and Beyond Bodybuilding to be a source of never ending information and knowledge.

Upcoming Workshops

June 15, 2010

Last chance to learn Kettlebell basics this week in Brisbane at KMTA, Brisbane City.

We’ll be holding a three hour seminar on Swing, Get Up and Goblet SQuat starting at 9am Saturday. This is the best place to start for most people. The Swing is the centre of the kettlebell universe and without nailing it down you will simply not get a lot out of the rest of your kettlebell training. The Get Up is one of ¬†the purest expressions of strength and movement I have yet found. It teaches so many things – hip mobility and stability, shoulder stability in both open and closed chain, thoracic rotation and extension – in short, if you can perform a get Up well, you will probably do many other things well. The Squat is an essential athletic movement. Without you can’t develop power, jump or even sit on a toilet! Learning these three moves the right way from the start will help your training accelerate quickly.

The second workshop we’ll be holding is a three hour preparation class for the August 21 HKC in Brisbane. At the first Australian HKC held in Melbourne 100% of those who attended the preparation class passed the course, with only one other person passing on the day who hadn’t attended the course, and the remaining 50% needing to retest at a later stage. The second part of this workshop will be held on July 31st at he same location.

For more information please email me at