Upcoming Workshops

Last chance to learn Kettlebell basics this week in Brisbane at KMTA, Brisbane City.

We’ll be holding a three hour seminar on Swing, Get Up and Goblet SQuat starting at 9am Saturday. This is the best place to start for most people. The Swing is the centre of the kettlebell universe and without nailing it down you will simply not get a lot out of the rest of your kettlebell training. The Get Up is one of  the purest expressions of strength and movement I have yet found. It teaches so many things – hip mobility and stability, shoulder stability in both open and closed chain, thoracic rotation and extension – in short, if you can perform a get Up well, you will probably do many other things well. The Squat is an essential athletic movement. Without you can’t develop power, jump or even sit on a toilet! Learning these three moves the right way from the start will help your training accelerate quickly.

The second workshop we’ll be holding is a three hour preparation class for the August 21 HKC in Brisbane. At the first Australian HKC held in Melbourne 100% of those who attended the preparation class passed the course, with only one other person passing on the day who hadn’t attended the course, and the remaining 50% needing to retest at a later stage. The second part of this workshop will be held on July 31st at he same location.

For more information please email me at andrewread@dragondooraustralia.com


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