The Iron Icon Speaks

Anyone who reads a lot of Pavel’s work, particularly his early books like Power to the People and Beyond Bodybuilding as well as his newer, more in depth book on strength and power training Power to the People Professional will have heard of Marty Gallagher.

Marty is an icon in the iron game. He has competed at World Championship level in Power Lifting and helped coached many others to the same level including such greats as Kirk Karwoski. As well he has spent a great deal of time around the bodybuilding scene as he was Editor for Flex for some years. In short, the guy knows his way around the gym. In Pavel’s own words “When Marty speaks, I listen”. When you get a testimonial like that from a guy like Pavel you know that the person in question is a master in their field.

His new blog post is straight to the point about an issue that is slowly killing our society – the increase of oestrogen compounds in our food, the over eating of processed foods and the lack of movement in today’s society have all contributed and Marty takes aim and fires at them all. You can read about it here:

Marty’s book The Purposeful Primitive is an excellent source of all of Marty’s wisdom and experience in the iron game from how to train like a champion, how to eat, the mental aspect of performance as well as anecdotes from a life in the trenches of strength training. Shaun Cairns, Senior RKC called this book “One of the best books on strength training he has ever read” and I have to agree with him. I have read my copy cover to cover and find that along with Enter the Kettlebell and Beyond Bodybuilding to be a source of never ending information and knowledge.


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