Military Grade Kettlebells

As I’m sure many of you are aware, Dragon Door has long been offering the world’s highest grade kettlebells for some time. With a 5 year guarantee against chips, rust, etc. they set the standard for kettlebells worldwide with their patented e-coating (the same type of magnetised industrial strength coating used on ship hulls.)
But now they’ve gone one better.
They are now producing Military Grade Kettlebells. The difference between their old style and the new ones is evident when you hold the two side by side. While there is nothing wrong the old ones, the new ones look like they will survive a nuclear blast! The drawback to this new type of kettlebell is that it will be slightly more expensive – about 10% more than current prices. These kettlebells have become the new RKC standard and Dragon Door is no longer producing the older bells. As always they have sought a way to continue improving their products so that you can have the best training experience possible.
I had an opportunity to check out the new bells and train with them when I was at the Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist course last month – they are worth the extra few dollars in my opinion. The finish is better, allowing you to train longer and harder without hurting your hands or needing buckets of chalk.
Right now I have about 50 kettlebells left in stock from the old style, with my new ones arriving in the next few weeks. Once the new ones land the prices will be going up 10%. So take advantage of the current low prices and order now. I have stock in all sizes up to 44kg.
As a further incentive to you, if you order a pair of kettlebells the same weight (e.g. 2 x 24kg or 2 x 12kg, etc.) you will save 10%. If you order three or more kettlebells, of any sizes, you will save 15%! For these special orders you will need to email your location and desired bells so I can calculate shipping. Leave your contact phone number in the email so I can call to finalise payment with you.
Act now before the prices go up.

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