HKC Brisbane August 21, 2010

We’re getting into the final stages of preparation for the HKC to be held in Brisbane August 21. Hotels are booked, flights arranged and there’s only 16 more sleeps!

One of the things I get asked the most is how to best go about preparing for the HKC. Here’s a list:

  1. It’s a long day. Make sure you have enough food and water to fuel a whole day’s worth of training. You won’t be sitting still for much of the day.
  2. This leads to other issues – your conditioning needs to be good enough to withstand hours and hours of drills, many done from the bottom of the deadlift position. If your legs aren’t up to it because you haven’t done lots of volume leading up to it then you are going to suffer.
  3. Suffering through the day, surviving it, is nowhere near as much fun as being fully physically prepared and being able to take onboard the training tips from the day. It is, after all, a trainer’s certification. If all you do is stumble exhausted from one drill to the next you will miss all the great side information.
  4. The number one way to make sure you’re in shape? Swings. And lots of them. I don’t mean doing a couple of easy sets of 10 two-handed swings. I mean being able to knock out 50-100 at a time and not even worry about it.
  5. See, to make sure you have as much chance as possible to get your technique right, we will “punish”you with swings for everything we can think of. Its likely you’ll do 600-700 swings for the day as “punishment” on top of what you will do during the drills to build your form.
  6. It’s important to note that we don’t test your technique at the end of each section either. The technique test is at the end of the day. When you’re at your most tired and sore. If you can’t withstand the high volume of swings then its fairly likely that your technique will not be up to par when you are tested.
  7. In regards to the technique test, many make the mistake of thinking that because this is a one day event, as opposed to the three-day RKC, that the test will somehow be easier or softer. It isn’t. The standard is the same. The only real difference is that at RKC we would test with two snatch weight bells for the swing. At HKC you will be tested with either a 16kg for men, or a 12kg for ladies, and in the one arm swing. But what we are looking for in terms of body mechanics, posture and movement is exactly the same. So unlike most groups in the fitness industry you will only pass if you deserve it, not just because you paid some money and turned up for the event. Dragon Door take their certifications very seriously and for one am proud to be part of an organisation that has such high standards in a world filled with mediocrity or worse.
  8. If, for some reason you don’t pass on the day it’s not all over for you. You have a three-month window to improve the areas you’re lacking in and send in a video to the Senior RKC.
  9. Apart from the immediate benefits of undergoing a certification with the world leaders in kettlebell training there are a few more bonuses. For starters if you decide to go and undergo the full RKC, if you attend within twelve months you get a full rebate for your fee for the HKC. In essence, if you go to RKC and have attended the HKC you get a free day’s training with a Senior to check your form! In addition, you are able to buy kettlebells at 10% off their normal price once you have passed the HKC.

With only two weeks left until the big event, and with only 5 spots remaining, don’t delay and book now.

HKC Certification


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