Brisbane HKC Wrap Up

Brisbane HKC Group Photo

Brisbane HKC Group Photo

Congratulations to all the new HKCs in Australia!

With our second ever HKC having been held in Brisbane just over a week ago there are now nine new HKCs ready to go out and spread the Hardstyle word! Only five months ago we ran the first HKC in Melbourne – the first time that an official Dragon Door event had ever been run in Australia. We had twelve participants with six passing on the day and a further four passing over the following months after retests.

This time we had twenty one students with a total of seven passing on the day. The following day another two passed after addressing their issues.

While the days have both been successful and all the participants have had a great time I think it is important to note some things –

  1. This is an instructor level course. Unlike most things within the fitness industry this doesn’t mean you will pass just for paying your money and turning up. If you want to pass the course you need to make sure your are VERY proficient with the movements being tested already. We focus on Swing, Get Up and Goblet Squat. Your training leading up to the event should too.
  2. Out of the people who passed 100% had trained with an RKC prior to the course at both events. Of those who failed it was the opposite – 100% had trained without an RKC. I think those results speak for themselves. If you want to “join the club” it is best to seek out someone who already belongs to that club and understands what the entry requirements are. A quick five minutes on You Tube will show many variations of the Swing, yet we accept only one. Its probably a good idea if you at least know what that entails.
  3. The day is very physical. Out of the 8-9 hours of course time, roughly 80% of it is training. It might be deadlifts, it might be swings, it might be naked get ups, but you will be moving. If you are not able to perform at your best after 8-9 hours of activity then your preparation should be built up so that you can perform at your best at the end of the day because that is when we test technique.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind that any instructor who passes and attends a Dragon Door certification, be it HKC or RKC, will be miles ahead of their local competition. The strength of Pavel’s unique system is that while we use kettlebells, it has almost nothing to do with kettlebells. At this point you’re probably scratching your head and saying “But aren’t Dragon Door the gold standard for kettlebell trainers worldwide?” While that is true, what RKCs really are is movement coaches. We take people who can’t move well and by using various kettlebell drills teach them to reflexively do the actions they have forgotten how to do due to inactivity. When the vast majority of the people coming into gyms these days are so out of shape this is far more useful than it first appears. Most clients cannot hip hinge, yet it forms the basis for all movement. If you don’t have a tool box of drills to teach that person how to do it right then how will you get them to move correctly? The same goes for squatting. Most people cannot do it, so it is avoided. Yet it is an essential part of daily life so we need to be able to teach people how to do it safely. An HKC/ RKC will be able to do that. Can your current PT?

Our next event will be in Sydney in November led by the infamous Iron Tamer himself, David Whitley. For more information on how you can become part of the number one strength training group worldwide, dominate your market with kettlebells and help your clients achieve unbelievable results contact me.

Congratulations to the new HKCs:

Samuel Johnson, Piers Kwan, Sigrun Bishop, Tracy Cooper, Karen Young, Nicole Stuart, Alan Salvo, Edward Morrison, Matt Triffett.


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