HKC Preparation Class

With the next HKC planned on November 13 for Sydney the time is fast approaching to make sure you’re ready.

Make no mistake, there is a massive difference between attending a beginner workshop and a preparation class for an instructor event. With a 100% pass rate for students of Dragon Door Australia versus 6% for those trained elsewhere the decision should be easy.

Here’s why you should pick to train with Dragon Door Australia:

  1. Highest ranked RKC in Australia. Australia’s only RKCII and first Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist.
  2. Australia’s leading instructor, featured in UltraFit, Blitz and Inside MMA magazines.
  3. Assisting on the day will be Shannon Scullin – Australia’s first female RKC.
  4. 100% pass rate for those who have attended previous  HKC preparation classes.
  5. Train with the only RKC to have taught at any Dragon Door certification and the only person to have taught at all Australian HKCs.
  6. With another RKC on hand you will find no better instruction anywhere in Australia beyond the HKC itself.

Read here to see what others have to say about training with Andrew Read.

This one time class in Sydney will be October 23 at the same venue as the HKC – Thump HQ, 97 Queens Rd Five Dock. Price for this four hour workshop will be $300 per person.

Train with the best – Dragon Door Australia. If you’re planning to attend, you may as well set yourself up to pass!

For more information go to the workshop page or contact me on 0412 658 434.

HKC Certification


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One Response to “HKC Preparation Class”

  1. Dale Says:

    Very well put. I am hosting an HKC in Dec as well. Have fun!

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