Why Choose Dragon Door for Your Education?

I often get asked what is so special about Dragon Door when it comes to teaching kettlebells. While there are a great many reasons, I will try to sum them up here:

The reason you have likely even heard about kettlebells can be traced back to one man – Pavel Tstasouline. Together with Dragon Door he has created a unique system of training centred around the kettlebell called the RKC, or Russian Kettlebell Certification. What makes this unique is that even though RKCs use kettlebells as their primary training tool we are not kettlebell instructors.

We are, in fact, students of human movement and strength. Pavel’s unique system allows us to reteach essential skills of movement to people who have lost them due to being sedentary or through injury. While many other schools can and will teach you how to lift kettlebells, they are focussed on this just as a means of resistance training. In the RKC you will find as many of us power lift and olympic lift right alongside our use of kettllebells using the lessons learnt from the RKC to boost our strength in other areas of strength development.

The lessons of movement are as applicable to one skill as they are to strength training. Our’s is a system of principles and movements, not of workouts and exercises. This allows us to apply techniques to other areas such as sports performance or martial arts as easily as we apply them to fitness related training.

The Yin and Yang of strength development is that you cannot be all about heavy training as that leads to injury, asymmetry and poor movement. Within our system is the strongest assessment and rehabilitation tool anywhere in the fitness community. The Functional Movement Screen developed by Gray Cook is light years ahead of any other physical assessment tool used in our industry today. With a complete set of testing tools, corrective exercises and checks in place this allows clients to progress faster and safer. Included within our set of “soft” techniques are tools to teach relaxation, flexibility and joint health. The total training package available to an RKC is so complete even the most advanced RKCs talk of how much they get out of rereading or re-watching one of Pavel’s books or DVDs.

We care about two main things – strength and movement and safety. I am yet to see another school of thought in the fitness community that pays as much heed to safety as the RKC. In the manuals for our courses, the first sections all relate to safety! Normally in the fitness community there will be a page devoted to “safe lifting” or maybe just a few words said about it at a course. To us, safety is tantamount to performance and without safety there can be no training long term for performance. What good is being shown a lift if the teacher cannot pinpoint your weakness via FMS or a corrective drill? I can tell you that even though many people are taught to swing, that it is no surprise that the majority of people who swing still end up hurting their backs even though taught by a “certified” instructor. I have to question people’s certification standards – when instructors are able to go and attend a single day workshop and become qualified with only that day’s experience, how much can they really help  their clients when they have only a single day’s more experience than they do? Instructors need to be experienced and without having entry and testing standards all they are doing is handing out pieces of paper to people. Is it any wonder that I have so many clients personally that come to me after an instructor from a another group has been training them? The difference is that I have spent $18,000 on my education this year alone to go and train with Pavel and learn from him directly along with his elite cadre of top instructors. If your trainer has learnt from someone who has learnt from a book, well…

Our instructor courses will get you ready to teach. Full stop. We will show you how to break down and perfect technique so you can train nearly anyone. The level of detail is renowned. Dragon Door rightly have become known for having the gold standard of training in kettlebell courses world wide.

The HKC, the one day course, is a great introduction to teaching kettlebells. Do not think that a one day course is not worthwhile. I have been to many “higher” level courses such as RKC, RKCII and RKCIII and still learn something every time I assist at an HKC. Along with being the best value single day course in Australia – who else can offer one of the top instructors worldwide to run their course – it is a great step forward to achieving the RKC. If you pass the HKC all money is directly credited to your RKC. In essence you get a free day’s training with one of the top strength and movement coaches anywhere in the world, a qualification and a real head start on becoming an RKC! Can any other course offer that?

Now with an HKC only a month away, it is the time to decide how serious you are about your education, your clients’ safety and the type of trainer you want to be. Do you want to be part of the mediocre pack or a leader and one of the best in your field? If its the former I wish you well, but if its the latter then it is time to act – book now to receive a $100 discount before this offer finishes!

HKC Certification


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2 Responses to “Why Choose Dragon Door for Your Education?”

  1. TC Says:

    Hey Andrew
    Great blog about the RKC and why any serious personal trainers who want learn more about kettlebells should seek the expertise of Pavel. Although I did the AKI cert with Australian Kettlebells, I still think the RKC is the golden standard. That’s why I’m heading to St Paul next April to pursue the RKC certification. And thank you for leaving me a Facebook msg about the HKC course in Sydney come this November. Still thinking about it and wonder if I could make that. Can you advise on where can I find out about the accommodation and all that? I know you mentioned something about DD but I’m not sure what you were referring to? Any help is appreciated mate.

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