Feedback from the Sydney HKC


Hard. And informative. So many useful gems that I hope I remember! Training manual seems informative too. The focus on technique is great and I appreciate that technique quality over quantity is drummed into us. Fiona Coutts


Awesome, intense, mind blowing, has made me hungry for more. The constant assessment of what we were doing from the RKC? HKC instructors was awesome. Great feedback. The course stands out, especially as there was an emphasis on biomechanics. The instructors are inspirational in their teaching, direction and cueing/ refining technique. Loved it,  loved it, bloody loved it!! Becky Bell

Right to the point from the start. All aspects made sense in the order of presentation. No useless information was offered. The HKC has now planted the seed for greater training potential That I will utilise in my own business. Claude Castro

This is the single most comprehensive training day I have been to. Packed full of powerful techniques that left no question unanswered. I loved the way the instructors had the mean and the answers to my questions. It is obvious the teachers all practice what they preach. Like Dave said the information is an inch wide but a mile deep. Andrew Kaczorowski

The most comprehensive and thorough curse I have done in a long time. The instruction was awesome. Very straight forward and the cueing tips were all spot on. I like that you can’t just turn up and be certified. You have to do the work and do it well to earn certification. Steven Rogers

It was a great learning experience and I now have goals to aim for to improve. In terms of scope I think it is comparable to Kyokushin Karate. Rod Purcell

Totally worth the cost and the 7 hours of driving! The step by step instruction, high student/ instructor ratio and attention to detail made the course stand out. Steve Parris

Great, in depth course. Highly challenging but fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about kettlebells. The instruction was relaxed but firm when required. Great knowledge conveyed in a non-condesecending manner. John Legg

Great technical instruction and technique correction. All the instructors were very helpful and approachable. The focus is on skill learning rather than seeking out fatigue. With the variety of corrective drills and the teaching progressions it makes coaching clients much easier. The HKC is among the best courses I have done. due to its narrow focus. I feel like I have retained information which I can actually take away and use instead if just being presented with exercises and workouts. Ryan Walsh

Clear, precise and very comprehensive course for kettlebell fundamentals. The breakdown of movements was great. Most kettlebell trainers don’t/ can’t differentiate finer details. I have trained with every kettlebell course – IKFF, Steve Cotter, Kettlebell Training Academy and I learnt the most at this course. Muhammed Redzuan Jab Bin Nasir

This was the best fitness course I’ve done. I love that you have to be able to do the technique rather than just pay your money and get a certificate. Loved that there were three techniques learnt properly rather than fifty techniques that were glossed over. Rachael Godfrey

Awesome. Picked up a whole new perspective on a lot of techniques. Great instructors too! The depth of information given was amazing. Joe Gilmore

The course was extremely thorough. A huge emphasis  was on safety which you don’t usually see too much of in the fitness world. Dave was easily able to convey all the information clearly. His relaxed style put everyone at ease. Far more depth of instruction than anything else I have seen. Carlyle Morgan

Very well planned and set up course that makes sure you have the basics right. This course went beyond most courses when it comes to getting the basics right. The quality of all the instructors was of a great standard. Ed Flaherty





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