Professional Integrity

I’ve been a member of the circus we call the fitness industry in Australia for nearly twenty years now. In that time I have met a handful of great, intelligent trainers who actively seek to better not just themselves but all those around them.

One of the things that has drawn me so strongly to the RKC over the last few years is it’s written Code of Conduct. There aren’t many groups that have such a code, and there are even fewer that pay attention to them beyond what ethics are needed to make fast money.

Another thing that I take great pride in is that a piece of paper that says you have passed the RKC is worth something. It was paid for in sweat and effort. There is no turning up on the day and making it through if you haven’t spent enough time gaining strength and fitness. The Snatch Test alone (100 reps in under 5 minutes with a 24kg bell for men) is enough to keep the tire kickers away. If you pass, you have shown that you are among the best in terms of strength, movement and understanding of Hardstyle kettlebell practice.

As the notoriety of the RKC grows, so too do those wishing to get a free ride on the coat tails of it’s success. Dragon Door have taken great efforts to reduce that with a need to recertify every two years either by taking the course again, assisting at an RKC (if invited) or by undergoing one of their new one day Recertification workshops.

Locally, there have been a few instances of people making claims about their affiliation or status within the community. And one in particular I called out. Due to injury “Chief” James Brabon of Original Bootcamp was unable to finish his RKC technique test. Unfortunately for him, due to the busy nature of his work, he was unable to satisfy the restesting requirements in the three months grace period (also made more difficult by the fact that there is no one in Australia who can retest people meaning he would have had to fly all the way back to the US to retest).

It takes a real man to stand and admit that they were wrong and the Chief has done so, removing all indication that he has passed the RKC from his site. We’ve also worked hard to ensue that the misunderstandings and confusion caused by email etc. have become a thing of the past. In turn I also need to put my hand up and say, that in an effort to protect the brand and serve notice to others in Australia who have misrepresented themselves, that as the highest profile of these he has been caught in the crossfire. James Brabon has been in the industry for a long time and has rightfully become well known and influential because of the strength of his business, his integrity and honesty. In particular I am impressed by the forthright and immediate way he has sought to fix any issues and appreciate the time he has taken to do so.

The Code of Conduct clearly states – I am an RKC therefore I shall carry myself with honour in both my professional and personal life. While james Brabon may not hold the piece of paper he has clearly shown that he has the right mentality to be one of us if he chooses to retest at an appropriate time.

Now, if I could just get some other monkeys of the fitness circus to behave I’d be a pretty happy camper.


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2 Responses to “Professional Integrity”

  1. Steve Says:

    I think the integrity behind Dragondoor is one of the things that keeps me coming back to their Forum and site. I have at least 11 of their books and am hoping to complete at least a HKC at some time after mid year 2011.

    I would dearly love the chance to come to Melbourne to do a session with you as well, as i think my technique is good but i know i need some technical pointers.

    However, work, 4 kids, a small PT business limits my time to get there, but my partner and i have started putting money aside for me to complete a HKC after June Can’t wait.

    • relentlesspt Says:

      Dragon Door and the RKC set the bar very high. Great to hear that you’d like to join us.

      FYI – if planning to attend an HKC, it is likely, with Brisbane under water, that the next two will be held in Melbourne also.

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