New Zealand Earthquake Appeal

What – NZ Earthquake relief workshops

When – Saturday 26 March, 2011

1. RKC Program Minimum

Start 9am – 11am
  • This two hour workshop gives you the bare bones essentials to get the most from your training in the shortest time.
  • The swing is the “centre of the kettlebell universe” and will build power and strength as well as bullet proof your back from injury.
  • Learn a never told secret for a healthy back – you would never guess what it is!
  • How to safely stretch your back after exercise – everyone does it wrong!
  • Learn the ancient secrets of power breathing and how to use it to safeguard your back and simultaneously develop more power!
  • Learn how a centuries old exercise can improve your shoulder health and build real world strength.
Cost $100
2. Russian Secrets to Stretching and Bodyweight Training

Start 11.30am – 1.30pm
  • Why the mastery of progressive calisthenics is the secret to raw strength and power through the forgotten art of bodyweight training.
  • Discover how hard a simple push up can be when done correctly and how to build awesome strength without the bench press
  • The futility of gym machines and the charade of high rep low weight bodybuilding training when it comes to power and speed.
  • Unlock the 6 rules for power packed push ups and the hidden benefits of this lost exercise.
  • 15 secrets to impeccable squatting and how the bodyweight squat will do more for your kicking than barbell squats.
  • Discover the magic of GTG – Grease the Groove – to develop crushing power using the RKC principles of strength.
Cost $100
3. Introduction to kettlebells workout session

Start 2pm – 3pm
  • Learn why the kettlebell was featured so prominently in the best selling book The Four Hour Body and how to use it to strip unwanted fat and sculpt the body you’ve always wanted.
  • Discover how this hunk of iron is unmatchable for raw strength and conditioning  – getting you the body you want without wasting time at the gym.
  • Feel for yourself the amazing one two combination of high octane cardio and non-stop battle ready strength that you can build with the kettlebell.
Cost $50
NB you’ll also be able to buy these workshops as an “all day” even for only $200. This is half price for that much training time and it’s for a worthy cause. Please pass this around to all friends and family. Money is going 100% to the Red Cross to assist with their help. Bookings will be able to be made online at from Monday 28 February.

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