Melbourne HKC Wrap Up

All good things must come to an end and so it is with the recent Melbourne HKC. This was the 107th HKC run worldwide and the fourth in Australia. I’m not too sure what is going on in the rest of the world but I know that this was by far the best event we’ve run in Australia.

Led by Senior RKC Shaun Cairns and assisted by RKCII Andrew Read and RKC Shannon Scullin and Alby Owens this HKC was the best we have run.

The weekend really starts on the Friday with Shaun Cairns and I planning out the HKC as well as the advanced workshops the next day plus the one on one PT sessions that people come early for. These PT sessions included an FMS done by me along with corrections, then onto a one hour training session with Shaun. All four of the PT sessions went great, with people making sure to iron out any technical kinks they may have had the day before the HKC and, in some cases, get him to have a look at their form before they head over for the RKC.

The HKC is a long day. In Australia I have undertaken to make the standard as high as possible at every single event. Because of that we start our day a little differently to everywhere else. We start with a technique test for those assisting. With that beginning at 7.30am and with the first students arriving at 8am for their strength test we were off and running early! No one struggled with their strength test and at 8.30am we started the introduction and warm ups. It’s always good to hear who has done what and this time was no different. With people’s backgrounds ranging from gym management to those looking for the best training for themselves as well as people who have done other certifications (more on that later) there is always a wide variety of experience.

Everyone seemed a little intimidated by the kettlebells. Like cannonballs with a handle, they destroy weakness!

Dragon Door is always striving to move their business ahead. There is a very good reason why our courses are held up as the gold standard of kettlebell training worldwide. And the HKC is no different to the flagship RKC course. One of the first things Senior RKC Shaun Cairns said to me was that the course had been changed to better allow people to successfully perform the movements. One of the things I like the most about our system is Pavel’s never ending quest to make it better. The new changes don’t change the exercises at all, nor do they change any of the teaching progressions, but they do change how easy it makes people to learn how to properly do the exercises. Most trainers, and courses, concentrate only on developing the strength requirements to perform the lifts. However, we are concerned with developing adequate mobility and stability before adding strength. This three-pronged attack is a much better way of teaching exercise to people and the small changes made had a big impact on the day.

I’m proud to say that all the Dragon Door Australia customers again all passed on the day making us the only RKCs in the country who have had a 100% pass rate. Additionally, as the only group who have sent students to all of the Australian HKCs we are the most experienced at getting people ready for these instructor level events. The day finished for us at about 6pm with everyone being assessed and heading off to the airport or to our group dinner.

Here’s some of the feedback from the day:

It’s very hard to find good kettlebell instructor sin Perth. The instructors on the course were all very good and provided clear and concise instruction all throughout the course. Dylan Thompson.

The instructors were the best I’ve ever expereinced in the fitness industry by a long way! Very passionate and experienced and obviously keen to share as much of their knowledge as possible. The quality and attention to detail were better than anything else I’ve encountered. Wade Shean.

The course has been extremely eye opening and inspiring. The instructors certainly walk the walk. They are incredibly supportive yet maintain a great eye for the smallest detail. It packed more information into a single day than some of the three to four day courses I have done. Andrew Walters.

I work in the fitness industry and this course provided far more valuable instruction than anything I have done. The knowledge Shaun and Andrew have is awe inspiring. Educational! Educational! Educational! Tess Hunt.

Shaun has an amazing depth of knowledge that he shares in an easy going friendly manner. Andrew added so much extra depth of information and worked perfectly with him. Just goes to show, even when you think you know what you are doing there is always more to learn! Kylie Pethybridge.

The best fitness course I have ever taken. When compared to the AKI (Australian Kettlebell Instructor) course the HKC demands far more in terms of the execution of the exercises and the teaching of them. Shaun and Andrew are both immensely passionate about giving their best and clearly very knowledgeable. Two thumbs up! Immense attention on the attendees. T C Lee

The location was great – plenty of open space to practice. Both of the instructors had an amazing amount of knowledge and were very approachable. Tabitha Dearle.

I’ve been to many PT seminars and most usually fail to deliver. The HKC really did meet my expectations as the best going around and correlates well with my martial arts experience. Sean Bowring.

Fucking awesome! Fucking awesome! Rod Woglyn.

The last point pretty much says it all. The HKC is Australia’s best and brightest kettlebell training course. Now approved by Kinect Australia for PDP’s we are taking massive steps towards ensuring the highest standard of training with kettlebells can be met within Australia.

The Sunday workshops were fantastic too with Shaun and I delivering eight hours of non-stop detail and information. Covering Clean and Press and Snatch, RKC Preparation and some of our own advanced programming methods to take your kettlebell training to the next level these workshops were packed with even more attendees than the HKC the day before! It was great to see some other HKCs attending these workshops and furthering their knowledge and continuing to grow as trainers and expand their knowledge. We even had two RKCs present who were also keen to learn and grow – good to see guys! I’ve made massive leaps in my own abilities in the last two years, all thanks to my numerous trips to the US to train and learn alongside Pavel and his elite Master and Senior trainers. In less than two years I’ve racked up more than thirty days of training alongside them and I firmly believe this is the best way to keep getting your clients the results they pay for. It’s also the reason why Dragon Door Australia has a 100% pass rate for our students at events like the HKC – we just keep on pushing to get better all the time.

The next event is already in planning stages and there are some big surprises coming for Australia in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes open for a special Dragon Door TV episode and the next issue of Ultrafit magazine. Let’s just say that Dragon Door Australia features fairly heavily in both. This year will be a big year and will set the stage for an even bigger 2012. Keep your eyes and ears open too because some of our events will sell out fast with all the success we have in producing the best instructors and running the best instructor workshops in the country!


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2 Responses to “Melbourne HKC Wrap Up”

  1. TC Says:

    Hey Andrew
    Thanks to your advice on taking the Melbourne HKC before I head to US for the RKC course. This course definitely helps prepare me for the US course. It was a great workshop put up by your crew. Thank you again! đŸ™‚

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    […] now Melbourne HKC may be the toughest fitness course around in Australia. But I’m sure it won’t be long […]

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