HKC Wrap Up 2

With the most recent HKC now done and dusted I have started getting a new round of emails all about one thing – the RKC. Allow me to get all misty eyed for just a second as I recall a time when people didn’t even know what it was in contrast to the present where I answer emails daily about the best way to prepare, when, or if, it is coming here and a bunch of other questions. So I thought it’d be easier to write about it here, as well as detail some things so I don’t have to answer all these questions all the time.

Preparation and Training

What’s the best way to get ready?

The technical standard at the RKC is incredibly high. In the last two years I have met two people who came close to meeting the standard without having ever trained with an RKC. I’m not sure how many people I trained during that time, but my average would be around fifty per week, so in a time where I trained five thousand people, I met two who could have done it on their own. So the first question you need to ask yourself is – am I the one in two and a half thousand that doesn’t need help, or am I (most likely) just like everyone else and would benefit from spending some time with an RKC?

Best place to start?

In terms of training the best place to start is easy – that would be Enter the Kettlebell. I have used the programs within to get myself ready for RKC, RKCII and continue to use it as my fall back program whenever I come to a halt with other training. It is simple to follow, gives fantastic results and gives ample time for rest and recovery as well as time to fit in other moderate activities if you wish. Quite simply, there is a reason this program is the one we talk about the most within the RKC.

I don’t view the Rites of Passage from ETK as “finished” to an RKC ready level until clients can complete it with a 24kg bell in under an hour (12kg for girls with the only caveat being performing single chin ups instead of the pull up ladders). Once they do that I know they have the requisite strength and conditioning to train seriously. Anything less than that means we need to keep focusing on development of General Physical Preparation qualities. Once this has been achieved we look at dates and start serious training.

How long does it take to get ready for the RKC?

It generally takes people around six months to really be ready for the RKC once they have achieved the benchmark with the ROP. During this time we hone technique, continue working on GPP and start steadily increasing the amount of snatching we do. I follow a tried and tested workout formula that was developed by Brett Jones that is 100% successful for the main workouts along with my own snatch programming. I’ve had a client go from not being able to get eighty snatches in five minutes two weeks before the course to nailing the snatch test on the day! At this point I’ll remind everyone about how beneficial it is to get in front of an experienced trainer/ RKC to help you figure out how to get over the line. When you’re trying to figure out which way to go in having someone who has travelled the path before, or in my case helped other people get there too, training becomes more about consistency than anything else. Just showing up and doing what you’re told by a smart trainer will have enormous effect on your own fitness. One of the best things I ever read was the simplicity in simply doing as you’re told. “Coach says so” is gold. I just have to turn up and do it. It leaves me free to worry about my meals, my appointments for the day, etc. But training…? Easy. Coach said…

What training options are available at Dragon Door Australia?

At Dragon Door Australia we run an Advanced class. This class is invite only. It has started to turn into the RKC Preparation class. And being the only RKC in Australia who has actually trained anyone to go to the RKC, and having 100% success rate with it, word is starting to get around and currently it has three HKCs in it (all RKC bound) and an RKC. To say the standard is high is an understatement! This class is a three day a week commitment and we obviously only take those who are 100% serious about being the best they can be. This same class has also produced numerous Pan Pacific BJJ champions too.

And this leads me to my next point – I will cop it for this, but not all RKCs are created equal when it comes to preparing people for instructor events. So far in Australia we have seen sixty-seven people attend the HKC courses. Of those sixty-seven, thirty-nine have passed on the day with twenty-one of those being my students (and representing 100% of the people I have prepared for the HKC)! Of the others who passed only three were trained by other instructors. However, at the same time those other instructors also sent three others who didn’t pass on the day! (Please note that for ease of reference I am only speaking about people who have passed on the day as it makes it much easier to see who really was ready for the course or not). And when you look at the next step – sending people to the RKC – I am the only one who has had any students go and pass. To see what others say about the training at Dragon Door Australia go here.

We also run regular Beginner classes. Our last class sold out with fifteen people. The great thing about this class is that it is run twice per week over four weeks to give you the best return for your training time. I’ve seen and run plenty of single day workshops and to be honest the standard reached is usually not so good. For HKC readiness it usually takes around eight to ten hours for someone to be “ready”. Your single day “Beginner workshops + HKC Preparation” just doesn’t work. So our eight hours of classes allows you to learn a new skill at each class, while reinforcing the skills previously learned. It has already proven itself effective as an HKC Preparation class too, with two of the guys attending the recent HKC and easily passing! We will run these classes again starting early in May.

Our FMS based PT is another excellent option. As Australia’s first qualified FMS practitioner, training directly under Gray Cook and Brett Jones, as well as being the most experienced RKC locally, our clients are seeing massive improvements in their own abilities, and fast! Just last week I worked with a US College basketball player and added two inches to his vertical jump in under twenty minutes. Every PT client at Dragon Door Australia uses the FMS system to make record progress. If you’re keen to make huge steps in your training, and you’re trainer isn’t using the FMS system…well…what are you wasting your time for?

Other News

When’s the next one?

July 30 in Melbourne. It’s not up on the Dragon Door main site as we just finalised the date last night, but it will be there soon.

I’ve heard that you can now get education credits for attending the HKC?

Completely true. I had confirmation yesterday from Kinect Australia that the HKC is now PDP approved and participants will get two PDPs for attendance. I also heard from Fitness Australia that the course is in the final stages of being approved and expect to hear that it will be CEC accredited shortly. This will mean that our events will book out faster than before as more and more people will see the merit in attending the number one kettlebell course currently in the country once it has points attached.

How do I assist at an HKC?

Up until now I have asked the top students at HKCs to help us out. There have been a number of standouts from the first few and these people have become my go to team here in Australia. My first criteria is that these people all had to pass on the day at their HKC, meaning we only allow the best to come and help. However, we will soon have a new batch of RKCs and from the July course onwards the assistant instructors will all be RKCs or higher such as RKCII. We may still allow an HKC to come and help out in a limited capacity on the proviso that they have booked an RKC close to the HKC date. This isn’t written in stone though as first priority will always go to the highest ranked instructors available who demonstrate their desire to help others and live our Code of Conduct daily.

What about the HKC/ RKC discounts?

Once you’re qualified as an HKC you get $250 discount off your RKC. Additionally, HKCs get 10% off on selected items from Dragon Door and Dragon Door Australia and RKCs receive 20%. Smart trainers use this discount to purchase bells, books, etc. for clients and take the profit. This is just one way of improving your revenue stream via simple leveraging of your RKC/ HKC status. (Believe me, there’s plenty more!)



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