July 30 HKC Melbourne

We’ve just announced a new date for the next HKC.

The HKC is really starting to get noticed as THE kettlebell course to attend in Australia. We’ve already had some instructors from other groups come and attend, here’s some of what they had to say about our course:

Right to the point from the start. All aspects made sense in the order of presentation. No useless information was offered. The HKC has now planted the seed for greater training potential That I will utilise in my own business. So much more informative than the AKI course. Claude Castro

Clear, precise and very comprehensive course for kettlebell fundamentals. The breakdown of movements was great. Most kettlebell trainers don’t/ can’t differentiate finer details. I have trained with every kettlebell course – IKFF, Steve Cotter, Kettlebell Training Academy and I learnt the most at this course. Muhammed Redzuan Jab Bin Nasir

And if you want a more detailed review of the whole weekend you should definitely check out TC Lee’s blog post on it. http://www.tcpersonaltraining.com/blog/2011/04/03/melbourne-hkc-kettlebell-training-workshop/

What has impressed me most about these guys is that they have sought out training with the best. They have all travelled to train with us – Claude went to Sydney from Melbourne, Jab came from Singapore and TC came from Perth to Melbourne. Not one even thought twice about the distance. The only thing these guys were concerned about was getting the best education possible. It’s the same reason that I’ve been to the US five times (six in another week) in less than two years. Not a single course I have been to over there has CECs or PDPs attached to it. I’ve spent over $18,000 just last year alone on my education. For anyone who questions if it is worth it, well…in every case the money I spent on the course I was able to make back all within two months of attending the courses. And all of these guys, and me, are destroying our local competition all due to one thing – education.

Now, with Kinect Australia now accrediting out course (2PDPs) and with Fitness Australia poised to do so (making us one of the first in the country to have CECs attached) our courses will have even more people attending them. The commercial reality is that clients immediately see the differences in someone who is Dragon Door trained. They train without pain, and because of this they get better results. The next course is only just around the corner and you’re going to get left behind by your competitors if you don’t attend.
HKC Certification


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6 Responses to “July 30 HKC Melbourne”

  1. TC Says:

    HKC Melbourne is by far the best fitness course I’ve attended so far. If you want to stand out in your fitness career, this is the course to do even if it does not come with CECs or PDPs.

  2. Ryan Walsh Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    This is Ryan from HKC Sydney last year, I just wanted to say I’m really disappointed to have missed out on the Sunday Workshops in March and am hoping to get down in July so I’m keen to see what you guys will be putting on for the Sunday.

    It sounds like the most recent HKC weekend was awesome, which I don’t doubt, as I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt alot at the Cert last year.

    I’m really happy to see that everything is going well for you guys as I think you’re doing a great job and you deserve to be successful.

    I also thought your article on DD was great and I look forward to checking out your Combat book once you’re finished.

    All the best for your trip to the States. Catch ya soon,

    Ryan Walsh

    • relentlesspt Says:

      Ryan, thanks mate. The workshops were great. Capped a great HKC. The standard just gets better and better. This year will see at least 7 new RKCs here, and all except one of those has done the HKC! With new instructors comes new growth as they all go out and start teaching correctly so the standard grows higher and higher!

      The book will be right up your alley. I’m up to about 8000 words so far and have barely scratched the surface. It’s got a lot of different elements in it from weight management to strength development to pre-fight fitness work, all of course, with kettlebells.

      Hopefully we’ll see you in July. I have a few new ideas for the July workshops…

  3. Darren Liddle Says:

    Hey TC long time no see , great to see you complementing your PT skills with the HKC . good luck with the RKC .

    Can I ask if we have any HKC/RKC PT’s based in brisbane that I could get in contact with ? Training alone using the ETK is fine but no idea if my technique is up to scratch prior to attending a melb based event.

    Keep up the good work comrades !

  4. darren Liddle Says:

    Sweet, found it …. believe it or not there is more then one page of instructors and no Brisbanites on the first page. Touched base with Piers and should be hooking up with him after his return from the RKC

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