Dragon Door Australia on TV!

Guys, if you haven’t yet seen the new DD TV episode you should check it out.

For people who haven’t been lucky enough to meet the amazing Amanda Salas she is every bit as funny and witty in person in person as she is on DD TV. What most people don’t know is that the second half of the DD TV team, Spencer O’Hara, is just as great to hang out with. These two guys have taken on DD TV and made it something I know all the RKCs look forward to each week.

Being asked to be the front man fro an entire episode was great fun and really gave me an appreciation for what goes into making anything on camera. Obviously with all the writing I do for various magazines (Ultrafit, Blitz, Inside MMA, Oxygen) I’ve had to take photos for things before which is time consuming and often difficult to get good quality pictures when you’re moving at high speed. But video is a completely different ball game. I’m still away in the US taking a break between RKC events but when I get home I promise I’ll put up some of the outtakes (minus me swearing as I screw each one up, of course).

Just a reminder – for anyone who wants to really take their business to the next level in Australia you should be planning to attend the next HKC in July. Follow this banner to go to the sign up page.

HKC Certification

The success of people attending the RKC after the HKC is much higher than those who don’t attend. At the RKC on the weekend there almost 50% of the candidates were HKCs. With the next one coming son don’t miss your chance to become one of only a handful of properly trained and qualified instructors in Australia.

Even better – our courses are now both PDP and CEC approved! That’s right. Now you get the same top quality, best in the world instruction on how to safely and effectively use kettlebells with your clients, but you also get the continuing education points that you need to maintain your registration! What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

HKC Certification


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