Early Christmas

I’m not going to lie – the last three weeks have been great. I got to teach at two RKCs, meet up with my friends and learn from Pavel and a host of other incredible instructors.

But what kind of guy would I be if I came home from overseas and didn’t bring presents for everyone?

For starters we are going to have an introduction to kettlebells class on Saturday 4th of June at 9am. This will be a free class to anyone who wants to come along and learn some basic kettlebell movements and get some training in at the same time. It’s a very similar format to the way we run both our regular classes as well as the Beginner Classes that start Tuesday 7th June. Not only that, but you can stick around after and watch one of our regular classes to see what kind of tough love to expect at one of our intermediate classes.

The great thing about our Beginner Classes is that you get eight hours of hands on, face to face instruction in how to use kettlebells for half of what you’d normally pay for a single event. That’s right – I’d normally charge as much as $600 for a six hour workshop teaching all the techniques I’ll teach in these Beginner Classes. But in our Beginner format you get eight hours of instruction for only $300!

I probably shouldn’t talk about this but I will – one of the downfalls of kettlebell instruction is that it’s difficult to always ensure that everyone “gets it” in a single day. You can see this at events like the HKC where even students of other RKCs turn up not ready, due to one simple reason – not spending enough quality time with a good instructor. Even at the RKC it takes us two days to get everyone good enough to pass the technique tests, so how can you teach someone well in just a few short hours?

We take care of that with our Beginner Classes. Eight separate sessions, eight chances to hone your technique, all the while building on what you were taught the lesson before.

The Beginner Classes are also ideal preparation for the HKC. In fact, at the last HKC we had two of the guys from the Beginner Classes go and both passed easily! And unlike other instructors who train people, then insist their clients go to “preparation workshops” (and often still don’t pass the HKC), we don’t need to do that. Our clients are ready at the finish of the Beginner Classes.

So there you have it – like an early Christmas we’ve got you covered at Dragon Door Australia for all of your kettlebell training needs. From Introduction Classes to Beginner Classes and then onto even an instructor event such as the HKC. For more information contact info@dragondooraustralia.com


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