Perpetual Motion

Along with turning lead into gold the invention of a perpetual motion machine has been long desired. The thought is that by designing a machine that not only can continually reuse the initial amount of energy put into it but perhaps even continually create more, out of thin air, the world would obviously be a better place. Imagine a car that actually had more gas in it when you returned home from shopping?

However, much like turning lead into gold, or fat into muscle, the creation of a perpetual motion machine is impossible and beyond the laws of thermodynamics. I’m not going to go uber geek on you and explain why, just realise that things that never run out of energy or recreate new energy from scratch are impossible.

Unless you’re the RKC…

I should be more specific and mention that this probably doesn’t apply to ALL RKCs as everyone has different desires and different aims and goals. But what I am about to say runs across the board with ALL the Masters and Seniors as well as all the Team Leaders I know. Not a single one of them is sitting still, content with their abilities either physically or intellectually. Reading their blogs and FaceBook posts you realise very quickly that as high as the RKC standard is the standard among the senior ranks is even higher. How high?

Well, let’s use as example number one this video of Dave Whitley, Master RKC. 

What’s significant about this is that not that many months ago he had knee surgery and has actually spent more months recently doing rehab than “training”. While some may argue that his size and obvious strength make this not such a challenging effort I urge you to go try it for yourself before judging. To put this in better perspective in Pavel’s book Enter the Kettlebell he cites 200 snatches in 10 minutes as the objective for conditioning. Dave completes this in 75% of the time! Clearly, despite being well known throughout the strength community for feats of strength Dave hasn’t just sat still and has kept moving forward. I happen to also know that he attended a marketing and sales workshop last weekend to further improve his business skills. At the speed he’s rolling along, continually developing his skills, it’ll be some time before anyone in his area can even come close to catching him to try to compete against him.

In fact, this marks his second marketing and sales workshop in a year as he attended the first Marketing Mastermind Intensive with me. Hosted by John du Cane and attended by Pavel, two Masters, two Seniors, three Team Leaders and a handful of distributors as well as high achieving “normal” RKCs this event was described by all who went as “the best marketing workshop of it’s kind” by all who attended. So Master Whitley clearly sees the value in attending ongoing education to further his skills as a trainer, businessman and RKC.

While we’re on the subject of continuing education I’m not sure people realise but the HKC now has CEC and PDP points accredited to it. While I realise that the necessity for points does have some bearing on the decision of which courses to attend it should by no means be the sole factor considered. Looking at myself as another example I have spent roughly $50,000 on my education over the last two years – none of which had points attributed to it. But, let’s look at the benefit –

  • Became one of only  handful of RKCs in the country.
  • Became first Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist in the country.
  • Became the first RKCII in the coutnry.
  • Became the distributor for Dragon Door in Australia.
  • Became first Australian to ever teach at an RKC.
  • Became first ever Australian Team Leader.
Let’s break down some of these a little more:

The distribution side of things is a good side business to PT. It doesn’t earn as much as PT most weeks although on occasions I have earned as much as $3000 in a single week from it. So the money I have spent on my education and on developing my networking and marketing skills has been more than repaid.

Likewise the money I initially spent on attending the RKC was repaid. I ran two seminars within a month of returning home teaching people how to use kettlebells. The trip – course, flights, accommodation, etc. – cost me ~$5,000. I made $6,600 in my first month home! A $1,600 profit from a single weekend in the US, not counting my actual PT revenue from the same month. Clearly, the RKC alliance has been a great one for me.

You would be mad to think that “saving” money by attending a cheaper and, let’s be honest, inferior course would somehow give you as much benefit. I’m yet to see a kettlebell instructor from another brand certification be able to match any of that in terms of income. And that is one of the biggest separators for the RKC – all of the senior ranks very much understand that we are in the business of fitness and selling fitness. Points or not, if you want to succeed as a trainer there are vital elements that need to be looked at.

Continually looking to move forward, to strive for more is what keeps the Masters and Seniors still training. They’ve all achieved massive levels of strength and mobility yet they keep looking for more. For my part I am lucky now to have two RKCs working for me making us the only place in Australia to have multiple RKCs in the one spot) and I have them constantly look over my form. I’m not going to rest on my laurels of everything that has happened for me in ONLY TWO YEARS. I, and Dragon Door Australia, are going to push ahead to keep innovating in Australia, attempt new highs and learn new skills while continually improving our base. By expanding our abilities, yet staying within the kettlebell zone, we will wind up owning our niche as kettlebell trainers. And that’s a very important thing –

as a trainer you can choose to either be a general trainer knowing a bit of everything or you can choose to be a specialist. Let me ask you this – when you go see a doctor who makes more money? The GP or the specialist?

I know which one I want to be. And the start of all things kettlebell, of starting to develop the skills necessary to niche target and really build your financial success is the HKC. Book now to reserve your spot. If you’re a raw beginner though the best thing to do is attend our Beginner and HKC Preparation class. If you want to become a leader in your field and really develop the deep skill necessary to be able to distinguish yourself as a specialist in functional movement and kettlebell training come learn from the best. We’ve got the track record to help you.


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  1. Cole Summers RKC Says:

    Well said! As always,very good reading Andrew!

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