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Take the Next Step

July 12, 2011

So you saw some of those strange looking cattleballs on Biggest Loser and you thought they looked to be a good way to train.

You bought some and found that your new love – the kettlebell – actually gave you better results than you ever actually dreamed, even in your early stages of fumbling around trying to learn how not to squat when you swing.

Then you discovered this Russian guy, Pavel Tsatsouline and someone probably recommended Enter the Kettlebell to you. After reading or watching Enter the Kettlebell you started to realise that there was more, a lot more, to this whole kettlebell thing and you started to educate yourself more on how to get the most out of this simple, yet powerful training tool.

But at some point, and it’s the same for all of us, you start to ask, “what is the next step”? Because sooner or later you’re going to stall. You’ll start to experience one, or maybe all, of these things –

  • You stop making progress.
  • You start getting nagging little injuries.
  • If you’re a trainer and you’ve started using kettlebells with clients (and shame on you if you’re using kettlebells with clients but aren’t an accredited trainer) your clients start to have the same problems.
  • Either you or your clients are starting to get bored with kettlebell training because it’s not bringing you the results you’d like.

The next step is to attend and event like the HKC. I know what you’re thinking, “But it’s only three lifts, and beginner ones at that”. Well, let me just say that I am yet to see many people who actually perform swings well. Or Get Ups. Or even perform a basic functional movement pattern like squatting well unless they’ve been taught. Not only that but these three movements are so powerful, so all encompassing, that I have trained world champions using nothing but these same exact moves! We’ve used the swing to add two inches of jump height to a basketball player and the same exact swing to heal back injuries.

Last year I had the good fortune to be involved in three HKCs in Australia, and another one this year. I can honestly say that without the time spent working on these movements, on being part of teaching them, training people to do them correctly, that I wouldn’t be anywhere near as good at my job as I am right now. I’ve even suggested that there should be a “Master HKC” for already qualified RKCs to attend to go over these moves in even finer detail and really extract every ounce of detail and information from them.

Yes, the HKC is that good.

But what then? You’ve done the HKC, passed the number one, most technical, most in-depth kettlebell certification in the country. What happens next?

The one thing that separates good trainers from great trainers is education. All of the top trainers in the world share one common trait – an insatiable thirst for knowledge and continuing their education. Guys like Senior RKC Franz Sindeman who will travel halfway across the US just to “hang out” at the RKC and learn more. Or like Team Leader Andrea Chang who probably racks up more frequent flyer miles than the sky marshals she attends so many events to help out or hang out. And when you look at how successful they are the reason comes down to one thing – passionate accumulation of knowledge.

However, just knowing a lot about training won’t help your business much. There’s plenty of smart trainers around who can’t make decent money. Because their problem is that while they know a lot about training prospective clients have no idea exactly how smart they are! Their problem is that they have only seen half the puzzle – that making money as a trainer, having a solid income, depends on being able to market yourself as a good trainer. I’m not talking about the all hype, high pressure sales tactics used by big chain gyms. Necessary because they can’t clients results so they need to keep the stream of people flooding through the door because there’s two more leaving at the same time. I’m talking about some simple methods that can be used to inform the marketplace about your skills and services – essential skills in today’s modern world where everyone is bombarded by various forms of media – to separate yourself from the herd of others who are trying to steal your customers.

That’s why guys like Master RKCs Geoff Neupert and Dave Whitley have been to John du Cane’s Marketing Mastermind Intensive. It’s also why Senior RKC Jon Engum and I are going again later this year. Learning how to market is THAT important. It’s also why, along with kettlebell technique workshops for this HKC we’re also running a Niche Marketing Workshop.

Senior RKC Shaun Cairns and I are going to be speaking about what we’ve done to separate our businesses from the herd – to become the leaders in kettlebell training in our countries. From attending which events to speaking engagements to social media – it’s all going to be covered in this two hour, specialized niche marketing event. The combination of these two elements – technical training information along with business and marketing skills – is a one two knockout blow to your competition. Don’t miss this chance to really take your business and your training to the next level this year.