September Workshops

Kettlebell training is not easy.

In fact, I’ve had more than a few people ask me for help with their technique – after they’ve spent time out injured. Just like with martial arts, the best way to learn is not from a book. It’s with a credible, experienced instructor who knows the subject inside out. This workshop will have the two most senior RKCs in Australia on hand to help you get the most out of your time.

You’ll progress faster and with less setbacks if you learn correctly right from the start.

September 18 we’re running two workshops at Dragon Door Australia in Melbourne. These two workshops are the ideal way to begin your kettlebell training. Led by Australia’s most experienced and highest ranked RKCs you won’t find a better way to begin your kettlebell education, or go onto attend an instructor event like the HKC or RKC. Here’s the run down of our Beginner Kettlebell Workshop

The Swing

Many people will tell you that the Swing is the most important kettlebell lift. Then they’ll spend about five minutes on it before ushering you onto more advanced training methods. But here’s the thing – all the Senior RKCs spend more time on Swings than nearly everything else combined. As one of the few people in the country who regularly spends time with Pavel’s most advanced instructors I’ve come to see just how important the Swing truly is. In fact, I credit the Swing with my ability to break some of my personal records in Olympic lifting after more then ten years away from it (and two big surgeries!)
I’m going to teach you how to perform the five foundational movements before you can even start to swing – that’s right, there are five steps to learn before you can even begin doing Swings safely. And each one can be used on it’s own within your workouts, effectively quintupling the number of workout variations you have. Not only that but I’ll go into all the other steps within the Swing like the four RKC secrets to mastering it via the Deadlift – if you’re not doing these steps you’re either losing power or going to wind up hurt! I’ll even talk about how to program the Swing so that you can understand how and where to use it in your own training to build both strength and fitness or even how to use it to produce Starting Strength – a key element for sports like Rugby, Golf, Wrestling and even Shot Put – yes, one exercise CAN do all that.

The Get Up

Many people rave about the Get Up, and rightly so. But how many people really understand them well enough to maximise their benefits? This movement is so powerful, so all encompassing that in the past I’ve run entire five hour workshops based around it.
In this workshop I’m going to teach you the six steps to a solid Get Up as well as the nine functional movement benefits hidden with it – it really is a one size fits all exercise for true functional strength.
Like with the Swing I’m going to show you how to place this in your programs for maximum effect and how, in combination with Swings, they form a unique one-two knockout punch that boosts all facets of fitness in just a few minutes. This combination is so powerful that I have used it to train two world champion BJJ stars as well as numerous other Olympic and professional athletes.

Goblet Squat

I’ll be blunt, if you can’t Squat, you’re doing damage to yourself all day everyday. Think about it – without a functioning Squat pattern how are you getting in or out of your car? Or even in and out of your chair at work? The Squat is powering all of those.
By using some of Pavel’s secret RKC methods (there’s six in total) to develop the Squat I’ll show you how to Squat deep safely. Despite what many will tell you our bodies were designed to do this and it’s only through lack of practice that we have lost this skill. The use of the Goblet Squat will loosen up the hips and allow you to work safely with much bigger loads.
This two hour workshop is jam packed with vital information to all curious kettlebell users! Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn:

  • The 5 foundation moves that make your Swing crisp, powerful and best of all safe!
  • 4 secret RKC techniques that protect your spine and help increase power and strength.
  • The best way to use the Swing in YOUR training – no matter whether you want strength, power, speed, fitness or fat loss – I’ll show you each way.
  • The 6 building blocks of the Get Up.
  • 9 functional movement patterns within the Get Up and their importance in daily living.
  • How the Swing and Get Up can be combined for a one-two knockout punch for all-round strength and performance.
  • Pavel’s own unique 6 secrets for improving the Squat and developing hidden hip mobility and leg strength.
For more details on this kettlebell workshop just follow the link.

Straight after we’re going to be running an Enter the Kettlebell Workshop. At this workshop – ideal for those with some experience – we’re going to build the three essential strength and power movements from the ground up. Here’s what you’ll learn on the day –

Clean and Press

  • How to get the most out of your press – while putting the least amount of strain on your shoulders.
  • How to stop strength “leaking” from your knees and hips – and what the pros do to prevent that.
  • The key characteristics of a good press.
  • How to instantly increase your pressing strength using these Russian secrets.
  • Learn the RKC specialised pressing drills to instantly increase strength and tension.
  • Develop all purpose strength to easily handle the toughest demand.
  • Forge a physique like legendary strongmen Sandow and Saxon, not the bloated cartoon bodies of bodybuilders – because form must follow function.

The Snatch

  • Learn the ins and outs of the Czar of kettlebell lifts.
  • The simple and sinister exercise that develops killer conditioning and develops muscular and strong shoulders.
  • Learn how not to bruise your arms while snatching.
  • The Snatch is a 3 stage rocket – unlock the secrets to finesse the stages to get more from your training.
  • See why the kettlebell rules for elite conditioning.
  • Maximise staying power, because the last round counts for everything.
  • Propel yourself to Special Forces levels of conditioning to call yourself a man among men.

This workshop only available for those who have previously attended the Beginner’s workshop, or are HKC certified.
All details for these workshops can be found at


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