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Martial Power Workshops

October 31, 2010

Owning a dumb body is like owning outdated software. Close to useless. Only worse, cos with your own body you’re talking serious or TERMINAL hurt.

And in competition or in conflict, a dumb body spells danger for you and danger for your buddies. You’re a walking liability.

Well, what if there was such a thing as a “Smart Body?”

smart body—programmed with state-of-the-art neuro-software guaranteed to rocket your power, strength and speed far beyond its original capability?

And what if you could get hold of these neuro-software secrets yourself and:


Can you imagine? The same day you learn them—secrets that make you immediately 30% stronger and faster.

For the first time in Australia I will be running workshops specifically for martial artists, combining Pavel’s world famous hard-hitting combat secrets from the Russian Spec Ops with his gold standard Russian Kettlebell system.


  • Why the mastery of progressive calisthenics is the secret to raw strength and power through the forgotten art of bodyweight training.
  • Discover how a simple push up can double your punching power when done correctly.
  • The futility of gym machines and the charade of high rep low weight bodybuilding training when it comes to power and speed.
  • Unlock the 6 rules for power packed push ups and the hidden benefits of this lost exercise.
  • 15 secrets to impeccable squatting and how the bodyweight squat will do more for your kicking than barbell squats.
  • Discover the magic of GTG – Grease the Groove – to develop crushing power using the RKC principles of strength.

Combine this with the RKC system for kettlebell training to learn:

  • Understand why mastery of the kettlebell swing will give you stamina and resilience.
  • Learn how to recruit the powerful lat as a core muscle, to protect your spine and add power to your punching and kicking.
  • The concept of rooting and how to use it to increase your striking power.
  • The two hundred year history of the Get Up and its uses for combat sports.
  • Develop simultaneous mobility and stability to develop awesome power.

These two workshops are being run for the first time ever in Australia in Brisbane and Melbourne on December 18 and 19. Due to the amount of information contained these are five hour workshops running from 10am to 3pm. For more details see the website, for Brisbane click here and for Melbourne click here.


Convict Conditioning

March 18, 2010

Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning has now claimed the #2 spot on Dragon Door’s prestigious Top 10 List, just four months after its publication—a phenomenal achievement and a great testament to the quality of its training advice.

The early adopters of Convict Conditioning have now posted 149 reviews of a title that is rapidly being hailed as an Instant Classic.

Here are typical comments:

Master your body!
In 2 weeks, using just the beginning steps of this program, I have seen a dramatic increase in grip strength, usable upper body strength, and even noticeable changes in body composition. It’s a dynamite book, a masterful and complete program, and results WILL happen!!!Christof Harper – Davis CA

Brutal Elegance.
I have been training and reading about training since I first joined the US Navy in the 1960s. I thought I’d seen everything the fitness world had to offer. Sometimes twice. But I was wrong. This book is utterly iconoclastic.I have read virtually every calisthenics book printed in America over the last 40 years, and instruction like this can’t be found anywhere, in any one of them. Convict Conditioning is head and shoulders above them all.– Albany, NY, United States

Who should purchase this volume? Everyone who craves fitness and strength should. I’d advise any athlete to obtain this work as soon as possible.–Bill Oliver

Thank you Coach Wade for creating the perfect blueprint to build a truly functional body.
If only this book was available when I first thought it was time to start using dumbbells and barbells 20 years ago?!—Shawn Reed – Pittsburgh, PA

An UNBELIEVABLE superstrength manual
My training partner turned me onto this book. I really, really, really love the contents of this book. All the prison-based stuff aside, the method itself is something beyond belief. My mom could pick this up and start tomorrow at her own level and so could a world class strength pro! Stunning. A magical, once in a life-time training manual. If it inspires and informs you the way it did for me, you’ll gladly pay ten times the cover price, I PROMISE.—Mike C – Corpus Christi, South Texas

Beyond The Hype
I was astonished by the volume of data in this book, and a huge amount of it has changed the way I look at training altogether. I commend Dragon Door for having the guts to publish this man’s work. The book is a rare, wonderful find; the kind of jewel of a book you can really use and learn from, which only comes along a few times in your life. The book really is a complete encyclopedia of a massive and incredibly sophisticated training system. Buy, borrow, loan or steal this book, and you’ll still be reading (and using) it ten, twenty years from now. Wonderful stuff!Greg A – CA USA

I’ve packed all of my other training books away!
I read CC in one go. I couldn’t put it down. I have purchased a lot of bodyweight training books in the past, and have always been pretty disappointed. But not with this one. The information in this book is AWESOME! I like to have a clear, logical plan of progression to follow, and that is what this book gives. I have put all of my other training books away. CC is the only system I am going to follow.—
Lyndan – Australia

A must for all martial artists
As a dedicated martial artist for more than seven years, this book is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Finally this book has come along. At last I can combine perfect body movement for martial skill with perfect body exercise for ultimate strength. This book is a complete textbook on how to max out your musclepower using only body movement, as different from dumbbells, machines or gadgets. For this reason it belongs on the bookshelf of every serious martial artist, male and female, young and old.Gino Cartier – Washington DC US

Old school for the new revolution
This is a great book. The best part about this book is the 10 steps to mastery. These steps alone are worth the price of the book 10 fold. This is a MUST HAVE BOOK.—eddie sanders – Raleigh, NC USA

A Real Break-out Book on Strength Training
No doubt, the best book I have read on bodyweight training & I have several dozen on my bookshelf.—Mike – Orange,Calif. USA

This is the exercise regime I’ve been waiting 30 years for: easy build up, highlights weak spots without over-stressing (i.e. avoids injury), practice virtually any where, no equipment to buy or lug around, very accessibly written. Brilliant!Norman Duff – Seattle, WA USA

Really good value
Nobody is going to complain about the value of this book. As someone fairly new to training, it’s all in here, everything from warm-ups and programs to every exercise under the sun, plus guidelines on how to move forwards. Sell your gym membership and six second abs machine and buy this book. It’ll actually save you money.Tania Gould – Portland OR USA

Great tool and reminder of “total body mastery”
This is a phenomenal book and a book I bought and also gifted proudly to others, including family members, and I do like my family —Philippe Til Tomaszewski – Los Angeles, California

Finally the prison system DELIVERS!!!
As a hardcore bodybuilder and a longtime fan of strength training, I was skeptical when I first received this book as a christmas gift from an American friend of mine. But what can I say? Clear, entertaining and amazingly logical. The book will become a Classic for raw strength purists who will love it greatly.J.C. Marrin – Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

Power to the prisoners?
This book really, really, REALLY does deliver. Once I’d read page one I knew I was hooked and read the rest in pretty much one go. There was waaay too much to take in, so I’m going to be reading it again (and again) through the weeks to come. Once I got my skull round the coach’s basic idea-that body-weight work should be used for muscle and power, not stamina-the rest of the book was a real eye opener. It’s changed EVERYTHING for me. But be prepared to hate yourself for not having this book when you started your training. Another unbeleivably hi quality book from the people at Dragon Door. Well done.Chris Machin – Boulder, CO

This book is fantastic
I can’t speak highly enough of this book. It is jamed packed with useful bodyweight exercise information. Nothing more need be said if you are looking to get strong and healthy for life. Every important exercise is detailed completely. It is a throughly understandable good read. In my opinion one cannot go wrong if one buys this book.Mike N. – BLF Hills, MI USA

This Is A Great Book
I have read many books over the years on physical culture-weights, odd objects, body weight, you name it. CC is the best one I’ve come across. Its a gold mine of information that will never be obsolete. I applaud John for making it happen and would look forward to any other material from Coach Wade.—Steve – Florida,USA

To purchase a copy of Convict Conditioning go here.