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Kettlebell Muscle

July 23, 2010

I am very excited about some of the new products that have just arrived at Dragon Door Australia. We’ve now got copies of Pavel’s Relax into Stretch book and DVD as well as The Naked Warrior DVD. But what I am most excited about is a new title from Master RKC Geoff Neupert titled Kettlebell Muscle.

Geoff has tremendous experience in building slabs of muscle in a hurry. With extensive background in Olympic weightlifting and as a Division 1 NCAA strength and conditioning coach, he has been working with athletes his whole life. The book is based on Javorek’s work with complexes. For anyone who doesn’t know what a complex is I will fill you in – its like a circuit, but you do it without putting the weight down. Initially Javorek used these with an Olympic bar to warm up athletes quickly and efficiently. One of the side effects of performing multiple lifts without setting the bar down is high amounts of lactic acid production. Research from a number of sources clearly shows that high levels of lactate plus incomplete recovery equal huge increases in Growth Hormone production, an essential element of both fat burning and muscle growth!

Geoff has made great use of this phenomena in Kettlebell Muscle. The workouts are short, sharp and tough. I have been following this program for a week, along with several other RKCs and some advanced clients and we all feel the same way about this book – its awesome! For me, having been on a steady diet of low rep, high volume pressing prior to RKCII this book is exactly what I need. They say that the best program you can be on is the one that is opposite to what you are doing right now. Well, given my last workouts were taking 1-1.5 hours to complete and using a single, heavy bell and Muscle takes somewhere between twelve and twenty minutes and uses double bells it fits that criteria perfectly.

The book isn’t filled with useless information either, which I quite like. Geoff could have easily padded the book out to many more pages by adding in pictures and tips on the lifts used. Instead, given the number of resources out there on that information already he covers them in basic detail with good, large pictures to help fine tune your form. Remember, this isn’t a program for beginners anyway, so it is assumed that you have these lifts dialled in before attempting to do them in this program. It comes with a program that runs for two, six week blocks. The first six weeks is complexes only, the second involves chains.

What’s a chain? A chain is a movement that is made up of other movements. Think of Clean and Press, or Clean and Jerk – two moves that are built into one single move. So, where the first 6 weeks is tough, the second 6 weeks takes a step in a whole new direction in terms of difficulty. Given how hard this initial week is I am not looking forward to the last 6 weeks!

In addition to this great book, and because I think it deserves its own workshop, I am going to run a workshop centred solely around the book. I am running two workshops in Melbourne on August 7. The first is a beginner workshop teaching the fundamentals of the Swing, Get Up and Squat. I will then be running a second, advanced workshop to teach the movements necessary to perform the workouts in Kettlebell Muscle as well as how to best perform the double lifts, what weights to use and how best to plan the rest of your training around such a demanding program. As a further incentive to attend, for those who book both seminars you’ll receive a copy of the book as part of the package! The first workshop is $200 and runs from 10am to 1pm, the second runs from 1pm to 4pm and costs $200 also. However, if you are attending both and book them together the cost will be $380 and include a copy of the book free! For information call me on 0412 658 434, or email at