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July HKC, Melbourne

May 22, 2011

Even though our next HKC is just over two months away it is time to get the ball rolling and let everyone know exactly what will be going on.

As at our last HKC the next one will be at our new HQ in Melbourne’s Bayside. Our new location is over 300sq.m with more than 200sq.m of that dedicated to open training space. With rubber floors and no clutter in the way this means we can handle up to thirty candidates at once! Not only that but this will mark the coming together of the strongest instructor team ever assembled in the Southern Hemisphere –

Senior RKC Shaun Cairns, Australia’s first female RKC Shannon Scullin (who, fingers crossed, will also have passed all the requirements for CK FMS and RKCII by then as well), and RKCs Alby Owens and Sam Johnson as well as a New Zealand RKC Tracy Borden. Oh, and I’ll be there too. Never before will there have been so many RKCs gathered in one place for a single event to help you get the most out of the weekend. When you consider that just a year ago there were only about half a dozen RKCs in the entire country and now we are able to get a team together of four RKCs a Senior and  me then it really is something special.

Now, with our courses accredited by both Kinect and Fitness Australia we are not only bringing the highest standard of kettlebell instruction to Australia, you will also get the added bonus of having points attached to the course. While I don’t believe a course is “good” just because it has points, I do understand that for many there is a financial pressure behind choosing courses and having points awarded does remove some of the dilemma behind choosing.

Along with the great teaching team, the added bonus of the points for the courses I have a little surprise up my sleeve…Well, to be honest, it’s more like I’ve got so many surprises that they’re falling out of my sleeves!

Shaun Cairns and I have about twenty years of small business experience between us, about thirty-five in combined training experience (that is time spent training others, in terms of training ourselves it is more like about sixty years) and both of us have one other thing in common –


Look, there are plenty of good trainers around. I know plenty. But I don’t many who are making a killing financially. That’s one of the reasons I have spent so much time over the last five years developing my sales and marketing skills. I’ll be blunt; I want to make buckets of money. If you don’t, that’s fine, but if you do, read on…

Shaun and I are both experienced niche marketers. We know what it takes to get noticed and to draw attention to yourself in a market filled with hype and under delivery. In fact, in Australia right now, I would argue that there is no one who is a better niche marketer than me. At Dragon Door Australia and Kettlebells for Africa we do one thing and one thing only and are very successful at it. And Shaun and I can teach you how to do this too.

At the last couple of HKCs we ran some PT sessions on the Friday afternoon. We combined these with FMS sessions and we will be doing these again. You’ll get screened by me, Australia’s first and most experienced FMS practitioner, and then once your movement issues have been sorted out you’ll be passed onto Shaun to work on whatever technical issues you want to check – RKC or HKC preparation, learn a new move or two or just get your ass kicked by the original Beast Tamer.

Then, in a first for Australia we’re going to give a two hour Niche Marketing lecture. We’re going to show what we’ve done to increase awareness of our brand, whether you need social media or not and how to separate yourself from the herd of trainers who don’t make much money by showing you how to sell to the right people.

Saturday, we’ll run the HKC. Imagine being in a room filled with other aspiring trainers, learning from the best in the Southern Hemisphere and learning techniques and progressions that will help your clients improve in leaps and bounds!

Then, Sunday, we will run a few workshops. There will be three workshops –

Enter the Kettlebell – we will go over the importance of the Program Minimum, teach the Clean, Press and Snatch and then run through how the Rites of Passage should be used as your training program for RKC. As an added bonus, everyone who attends this workshop will receive a copy of the Enter the Kettlebell DVD.

Kettlebell Programming workshop – Shaun and I have been at this training game for quite some time and have a number of methods we use to get massive effect from our clients. The last Programming workshop we ran was a sellout success with people having their eyes opened to many new ways to implement and use the RKC methods to bring about massive changes in their clients.

Finally, we’re going to run an RKC Preparation workshop. This will include all the differences between single and double kettlebell work as well as technical differences in exercises such as the Get Up as well as a strategy for training for and passing the Snatch Test.

All in all the HKC weekend is set to be the best ever HKC and the best ever kettlebell specific event in Australia. If you want to be a kettlebell trainer you’ll be able to learn from the best, at the best course currently available in Australia AND you’ll have an opportunity to learn how to maximise your income from doing just that! Other people pay a lot of lip service to niche marketing, claiming to specialise in various things but here’s the deal – you can only “specialise” in one thing. That’s why it’s called a speciality. And if you want to be a jack of all trades, but master of none, then go ahead. But, if you really want to make big bucks, like the kind that specialists and experts can command, then you’ll benefit more from attending the weekend workshops than any other training workshops in Australia. We’re not going to waste time talking about our life stories, or trying to showcase all the certifications we have attended. It’ll be focused on one thing – kettlebells – and how to get the most out of them physically and financially.

Details will be up on the website soon for the workshops, but the first step is to book now ———–>HKC Certification


Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist

May 27, 2010

One of the very great privileges of being an RKC is being able to attend events that are only for RKCs. One of these is the Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist course. This course was developed by Grey Cook and MRKC Brett Jones to support the RKC system.

While there are many similarities to Grey’s original Functional Movement Specialist course, the CK FMS is far and away a better course. For example, the FMS course is a one and a half day course. The CK FMS is four full days from 8am to 5.30pm. On top of that there is a bigger testing protocol to pass ensuring that CK FMS graduates are of the highest calibre trainers around.

The breakdown goes like this:

1. Become an RKC. This alone will put you ahead of the vast majority of other trainers around. The depth of movement skill taught as well as the application of that movement is what sets the RKC apart. The RKC is about movement first and foremost. This is why I think many people in the fitness industry are really missing the big picture when it comes to functional training. As Grey Cook says “Functional training isn’t about what the training looks like or the implements used, its about whether or not that training improves performance”. Pavel’s RKC course is devilishly clever in its approach to training and has almost nothing to do with the kettlebell at its deepest levels. If you don’t believe me then you should head off to an RKC to see what the hell I’m talking about. Alternatively, you could sign up for the course and check it out for yourself.

RKC Instructor- Get Certified

2. Once you’ve become an RKC the process shouldn’t stop there. While many choose not to further their education much after passing the rigorous course, there is so much to learn, and the Dragon Door system has so much to offer, that you could study endlessly for years and still have much to learn. The great question is really “What will give my clients the best results with their training?”

The first place to start is with a book called Super Joints. Super Joints is the starting point for a variety of reasons. Chief among them is that it is an easy system to follow, promotes joint health and range of movement as well as helping to rebuild lost motor patterns at the smallest level (at the joint). The systematic approach is easy to follow, the pictures are simple and the whole process itself takes about 5-10 minutes to conduct. With my clients we start every single session with a Super Joints warm up. I have used many approaches over the last few years and find that this is the easiest and fastest way to get my clients ready for the real training to come.

The next important bit of information is a hidden gem of the RKC. Many will have seen the book and DVD package entitled Kalos Sthenos, Kettlebells From the Ground Up. What they don’t realise is that this book and DVD combine to teach the single most under rated exercise in the world today – the Get Up. The Get Up is core training at its best – teaching cross body stabilisation and activation, Lat activation, open and closed chain shoulder stability, hip mobility and activation and the linking of the upper and lower extremities together to resist force and stabilise the spine. That it forms an integral part of the famous Program Minimum from Enter the Kettlebell should speak for itself. When all the Senior instructors recommend the Get Up as half of the foundation of movement and strength we should all pay close attention.

A further reason this set is so important is that it gives clues as to how to use the Get Up to assess and correct movement as well as use it as a corrective exercise. We spent a lot of time performing a variety of Get Ups and Kalos Sthenos drills during the CK FMS and I can honestly say that as much as I had an appreciation for the get Up before, and all my classes consist of Get Ups, I can see that we don’t spend anywhere near enough time on them.

The CK FMS course is built on information from Grey and Brett’s “Secrets” series. These four DVD sets contain so much information in them it is amazing. I had the opportunity to watch them all before attending the course and can say that it was time well spent. The series is based on four DVDs –ShoulderCore Training, the BacksideHip and Knee and Primitive Patterns. It is testament to the brilliance of Grey and Brett Jones as to how good the material is. These four DVD sets alone could possibly wipe out nearly every common gym based injury as well as show people a smarter way to train. The reason I found these so useful is that during the actual CK FMS course, there is so much information to be given that there is little time for slowly explaining the exercises or their reasons for use. That information is covered in depth in the manuals, but is equally well covered in the DVDs. I know that my copies will be copping a hammering over the next few months as there is so much information there I will need to go back and re watch them to get the most out of it. Well known Melbourne based Physiotherapist Andrew Lock also has copies and has been making use of them and is equally happy about the quality and depth of content provided. If only more therapists realised the importance of strengthening!

Last but not least in this chain is the CK FMS DVDs. With 15 DVDs in the set there is so much information to be had you will need many, many hours of viewing to extract all the gems of knowledge.

The benefit of buying through Dragon Door Australia is that there is nowhere else you can buy this information from locally where the seller has actually attended the course and knows the information inside out! Not only do we have RKCs and HKCs to train and use this system at our training location but with one of only two CK FMS practitioners in the country we can answer your questions better than anyone about this system, the benefits of it as a trainer, or the best ways to use it to assist your own training.

The strength of the CK FMS course is it highlights movement deficiencies in people. Not only where people have lost motor patterns, but also in discovering left/ right asymmetries. This is a huge issue as the balance of the body from side to side is an important factor in injury prevention. I’ve actually been asked to write a series of articles that are FMS based for both Blitz and Ultrafit and you’ll be seeing those articles soon as the issues hit the stands.

The result of all this, for you, is that we are now better placed than ever to answer all your training questions and get your body working better and feeling better. Don’t forget that I will be in Brisbane for seminars soon on June 19. If anyone needs an FMS assessment I will be able to provide that also at the time. For mor einformation on the upcoming seminars, HKC workshops or FMS tests please contact me at

HKC Weekend Discounts!

March 15, 2010

With the first ever Dragon Door instructor certification in Australia being held this weekend there’s plenty to celebrate. To mark this event we’re going to have a walk in sale. 

All brand new kettlebells will be 10% off. Dragon Door make the best bells in the world – they are the only company that offers a 100% money back guarantee on their stock and are also the only company that has a five year warranty on the coating of their bells against rust and chipping. Here’s what you’ll pay: 

  • 8kg $60
  • 12kg $70
  • 16kg $78
  • 20kg $85
  • 24kg $95
  • 28kg $110
  • 32kg $120
  • 36kg $135
  • 40kg $150
  • 44kg $200


In addition, any kettlebells we use on the day are going to be sold for 20% off! Here’s what you’ll pay: 

  • 8kg $55
  • 12kg $65
  • 16kg $60
  • 20kg $75
  • 24kg $85
  • 28kg $100
  • 32kg $110
  • 36kg $120
  • 40kg $140
  • 44kg $180
  • Please note, these prices are only for people willing to come pick them up on the day. We will be running the course until 5pm and the bells are available either at 5pm or the following day after Shaun’s seminars at 4pm. 

    In addition to the great deal on kettlebells we will also be offering all our Dragon Door books and DVDs at 10% off too on the day of the HKC. Again, this offer is only available to walk in customers on the day. The course begins at 9am and finishes at 5pm so if you’re interested either be there before 9am to purchase or at 5pm. For details on all current book and DVD prices check 

    Merry Kettlebells!!

    December 27, 2009

    I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas.

    I got the opportunity to have a sleep in – a rare treat for any trainer – plus play with my brother’s kids for the afternoon. There’s something magical about kids on Christmas that makes the whole thing worthwhile. And while they got piles of presents from us all I can’t help but feel that I got the best present of all…


    Dragon Door Kettlebells in Australia!

    200 authentic Dragon Door kettlebells

    You see, on Wednesday the 23rd I received the first shipment of Dragon Door Kettlebells from overseas. It may have been 38 degrees. We may have had to haul 1500kg pallets 150m down the street to get them to our car park and we may have had to carry 4500kg of kettlebells upstairs, but it was all worth it!

    We now have in stock everything from 8kg up to 44kg. In fact, we have 200 kettlebells now in stock.

    Unfortunately, with every good news has to come a little bad. The bad news is that shipping hasn’t been finalised yet so customers outside of Victoria can’t get them immediately. But anyone living in Melbourne will be able to come by and pick up whatever they want.

    Anyone really serious about strength and kettlebell training needs look no further than Dragon Door Australia – with kettlebells, Pavel’s books and DVDs and now with the HKC – we are the number one supplier of authentic hardtsyle products and training in Australia.

    I hope you all have a safe and happy new year and I look forward to meeting you, training with you and supplying you with all your hardstyle needs for 2010.

    We. Are. Live!

    December 3, 2009

    I hope Bruce Buffer, announcer for the UFC, doesn’t mind me stealing one of his catch phrases!

    After months of work I am proud to say Dragon Door Australia is now up and running. You can check out the new site here at: We will be selling all of Dragon Door’s products here in Australia as the official distributor down under.

    Already in stock are Pavel’s main kettlebell books – Enter the Kettlebell and Return of the Kettlebell (both book and DVD for both). In addition there is his non-kettlebell books such as Beyond Bodybuilding, Power to the People and Marty Gallagher’s modern iron classic Purposefully Primitive. We are also stocking Andrea du Cane’s smash hit fat loss kettlebell workout for women Kettlebell Goddess and the brilliant Grey Cook/ Brett Jones masterpiece Kettlebells From the Ground Up, plus Master RKC Kenneth Jay’s scientifically backed Viking Warrior Conditioning.

    While we don’t have all the Dragon Door products in stock yet we will be getting them soon. If there’s something you’re after just let me know and I’ll add it into the next order.

    In addition we expect our first shipment of Dragon Door kettlebells to arrive just in time for Christmas! I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of the best bells in the world again! There’s something just innately better about using a bell that has the RKC stamp of approval on it. Everything about these bells is designed as Pavel intended – to be the ultimate hand-held gym. From the non-slip finish to give better grip to the rust proof coating to the size of the bell and thickness of the handle – don’t be fooled by local imitations!

    Feel free to drop by the site, or to email me if there is anything you’re looking for but we don’t have yet. I can be found at