Dragon Door is a world-wide network providing the highest quality kettlebell training.

As the demand for kettlebells and kettlebell training grows, many unqualified trainers have begun to advertise their services as kettlebell instructors.

But beware, kettlebell instruction requires an extensive background and training to be truly safe and effective. Don’t risk injury or waste time with sub par instruction when you can take advantage of Pavel and Dragon Door’s growing, worldwide network of highly qualified RKC certified kettlebell instructors.

RKC kettlebell instructors have undergone the world’s most rigorous of kettlebell instructor certification courses and are fully qualified to help you meet and surpass your goals, be they fat loss, strength and power development or athletic success.

The RKC Instructor has demonstrated a high proficiency in the most essential kettlebell drills and shown an ability to effectively teach kettlebell use to others.

RKC instructors are required to recertify every two years by attendance at a kettlebell certification workshop, either as a participant or in the role of an assistant instructor.

Kettlebell books and DVDs can take you only so far. Experience the difference when you get personal instruction from an RKC!

All training at Dragon Door Australia is run by Andrew Read, RKC Team Leader. With over 18 years experience in professional strength and conditioning training he has the skills and knowledge to assist you to achieve any fitness goals you may have.

Training sessions at Dragon Door Australia are as follows:

Monday – Friday – 6am

Monday and Wednesday – 6.30pm

Saturday – 10am
If you’re interested in getting the absolute best out of your body you’ll need a Functional Movement Screen. It works like a GPS to decipher your weak points and help you to mobilise and stabilise your body. At Dragon Door Australia we don’t just set workouts for everyone. We design programs to help you achieve your lifetime best shape. The FMS is the best system in the world for quickly and safely building the body. Andrew Read was the first Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist in the country. All our classes are designed around the FMS and RKC systems to ensure that you get the best possible result from your training with minimal injuries. Our initial assessments of people allow us to use group training as a personalised service where everyone is working on their own restrictions while in a group environment. It’s the fastest, safest way to get in shape yet seen.

At Dragon Door Australia we don’t train just anyone. We only work with people who are 100% committed to achieving their lifetime best shape. The first workout is a trial, both for you, to see if you like the training provided, and for us, to make sure you are the right person to train at Dragon Door Australia.

To make an enquiry about training please fill out the form below. 


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  2. simon Says:

    Gday Andrew really interested in a FMS -how much does it cost and how much time ! also buying some kettle bells and group training, do i need to book or just rock up! Cheers Simon

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